Time to gear up for the final showdown, that is exactly what our group in Alexandria are doing. Loading up a bus with people and supplies to go back to the Commonwealth to take down Pamela, and to save the friends they have there still. Negan tries again to convince Maggie that they should team up to end this, but Maggie still doesn’t want anything to do with Negan. Elsewhere, Aaron, Elijah, Jerry, Luke and Jewels are still inside the walker horde when they are escaping the soldiers. Going with the flow with the walkers Aaron tries to get everyone to slip into the trees, but they are boxed in by a second wave of walkers. Forced to keep going the group is scrambling to find a new escape plan, when they see an abandoned trailer so they try to make it there. Aaron, Jerry and Lydia make it in no problem, but Luke and Jewels are pushed forward, and Elijah is closed but being pushed through when Lydia tries to reach out to grab him, while holding onto Elijah she is bit by a walker and forced to let go. Aaron and Jerry knows what they have to do, Lydia does too but is too focused on Elijah until the two force her to calm down, and Jerry cuts off Lydia’s arm.

Inside the Commonwealth Mercer is being watched closely by one of his guards at the request of Pamela. Mercer has to try to play things close to the vest, he is able to get in touch with Princess that tells him they are on the way back, so he comes up with a plan that they can get into the city from one of the tunnels and he will pull the troop from the post. The soldier, named Vickers, has been watching Mercer set things up for protection in the city and for the soldiers that are going out to control the herd. She tells Pamela that he hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary, he pulled troops to deal with the horde from Sector 7, Processing, and Tunnel 8. Pamela keys in on the notion that Tunnel 8 is left unguarded, knowing that the tunnel leads you into the station.

With the horde close to the city, one of the variant walkers was able to grab and pull itself onto the soldiers jeep and causes it to overturn, at this point Mercer knows for sure something isn’t right. Shortly after that he is arrested by Vickers, he tells her to stop the dead, this is bigger than Pamela’s BS. Without Mercer leading it didn’t take long for things to fall apart at the wall, walkers made it to the wall and started climbing up the wall! One of the soldiers shot one but was caught off guard by a second and knocked the gates lever which ended up letting the horde inside.

Cailey Fleming as Judith – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 23 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Our group made its way to Tunnel 8 with the intel from Mercer, and Judith saw the soldiers leave their post, after that everyone made their way through the tunnel into the station. However the station was eerily empty and quiet, because it was a trap by Pamela, she had the doors locked from the inside, and she had people on the second level ready to reign down bullets on everyone below. We saw a handful of deaths on both sides, unknown characters on our side, until Pamela appeared, she was next to someone who just got shot, so she grabbed his gun and took aim at Maggie. Judith saw this and ran to push Maggie out of the way, causing her to get shot. This almost put a pause on everything, with Pamela yelling, “You did this!” before retreating. Our group fights back to get Judith out of there.

Back at Pamela’s office she is cleaning herself off when Vickers tells her that the walkers are inside the walls, and they are climbing now. Pamela said that’s not possible this was supposed to be a standard, before cutting herself off. She demands that extra protection is put up by her home, she wants the walkers diverted to the lower wards to give them ample time to remove essential personnel. Vickers knows this to be a death sentence but reluctantly puts it into place.

The after effect of this is that barricades are put up around town which ends up putting hordes of walkers in the path of Daryl and others who are trying to escape with Judith to the hospital. Luke and Jewels end up meeting up with everyone, and this is when the group sees a climbing walker for the very first time. Everyone is pinned between two lines of walkers, and Carol notices an ever slight window down an alley to go and everyone fights off the line of walkers to create a small opening for Daryl to slip through with Judith.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Cailey Fleming as Judith – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 23 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC