Supergirl was all about the changes that life shoves a toward and also about being the best people we can possibly be, even if its difficult.  Also, PSA to whoever is cutting onions around me every Monday. Ya’ll need to stop that, people are going to start thinking I have feelings.

Was there a villain this week? I’m sure there was but I can honestly say I barely remember him. Who cares who the villain of the week is when we have beautiful stories going around us.

What happened that was so great this episode? Well I’m glad you asked.

First off, Kara Danvers got drunk and it was the most delightful thing. I don’t know how alien liquor is even around here, and I don’t even care since it created this scene.

J’onn, Mon, and Kara all went to hang out at the Alien Bar (I hope they actually give this place a name soon) and while J’onn made moon eyes over at M’gann, Mon was was getting sent drinks from blue chicks and challenging Kara.

Kara makes a good point about needing to train him, but she’s using the wrong reasons.

I love Kara, and I adore that she is *such* a hero in every possible way. However, it’s a rough fact of life that not everyone is built like that. She continually throughout the episode tells Mon that he need to learn to fight so he can someday be a hero. But maybe he should train so in case crazy Cadmus comes to kidnap him he can protect himself? Hmmmm that could possibly be a good idea. What do I know though?

Back at the bar though, Mon tells Kara that he’ll let her train him….if she takes her crazy alien shot. Oh man drunk Kara is hilarious and I request that this to happen again.

Alex shows up and encounters her sister, who also thinks this is pretty damn funny. Really though she’s there to see Maggie (of course).

After apologizing for dropping a bomb on her last week, she gets some advice on what to do next. Maggie suggests coming out to her family.

I know from personal experience that even the idea of that can be terrifying. So it’s relatable that Alex immediately wants to start back pedaling and grabs on to the trusty handhold of “Maybe it’s a phase”. Maggie shuts it down though, also knowing exactly what she’s going through. Everything will be alright, she needs to start embracing herself first.

I suppose I should acknowledge the villain this week. William Mapother guest stars as Parasite, and it just wasn’t that interesting. I know that this was supposed be a pretty huge thing in the comics, but so many other seemingly important things happening this episode, this plot line just felt like a strange prop to shove the other characters through their better storylines.

Alex interrupts and training montage between Kara and Mon to have an important conversation. It’s no secret that the Danvers sisters are the backbone of this show. Neither of them would be nearly as wonderful characters without the other supporting them and every scene we have with these two, be it just eating pizza and watching Game of Thrones or coming out of the closet only increases that priceless value that they are to each other.

The painful way Alex stutters through her speech to Kara is I’m sure, so relatable to anyone else who has had a similar conversation with a loved one. Not only are you still dealing with all this in your own brain, but it’s nerve wracking to tell someone and not know exactly what their reaction is going to be.

Alex acknowledges that she has feelings for Maggie, and that is what brought all this forward. She also acknowledges that now that she’s thinking about it, this is far from the first time she’s actually felt this way, she’s always just buried it deep down. It’s another wonderful way that the writers are handling this show. I know myself, and I’m sure so many others had that same sledgehammer feeling.

“Whoa, I am so gay”

It’s actually a really scary thought at first and it’s played wonderfully by Chyler Leigh. When I can clearly see the gay panic in your eyes, you’re doing a good acting job.

Kara doesn’t act how I initially expected her to. I figured she’d automatically just accept everything and be and sunshine and daisies about it all. It was another hyper realistic approach I wasn’t expecting. Kara was definitely confused at first, which is understandable and not a bad thing. Alex had never mentioned anything like this before and, as Kara mentions later, it’s kind of always been about Kara their whole lives.

Alex runs away eventually when the conversation starts to get to real and painful and there is still a bad guy to go catch and all. When Kara gets hit by the Parasite though, Alex chases her down to her apartment to finish their chat and make sure they are okay.

I mentioned to a couple friends earlier this month, that I was hoping that we’d get a really emotional scene because Chyler Leigh is a fantastic crier on screen. Honestly though I wasn’t ready for all the tears this episode.

Alex admitted that she was scared of her feelings, about herself and about Maggie. Kara apologized for making basically everything about herself and “not creating an environment where [Alex] could talk to me”. It was wonderfully sweet and real and heartbreaking and seriously, who is cutting onions around here?! Stop it please.

I want to also point out how adorable Alex’s face is when she calls Maggie beautiful. Someone hug her for me please. Also, the giant grin on her face when Kara tells her to “go get the girl”. AWWWWW HUGS FOR EVERYONE.


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Soon after the Parasite attacks again and drains both J’onn and Kara to near death. Desperate for help, Alex runs to M’gann for a blood transfusion. It’s definitely obvious that this is going to have some kind of bad impact. Expect super angst in the coming weeks because I would put money on the fact that this is how J’onn finds out she’s a White Martian.

Alex also runs into Mon at the bar and gives him a kick in the ass about maybe just not being a giant douche and letting Kara down all the time.

Elsewhere in the episode was James being an idiot again. I am really trying to like this storyline. I mean REALLY trying, but James is not making it easy on me. I’m sorry, but you DO NOT just start saying “I’m a hero!” and that’s it, you’re a hero. That’s just cocky and and insufferable and idiotic.

I will admit that I’m loving Winn more and more. His ‘Man in the Van’ bit is cute and it really fits his vibe as a character.

So when the Parasite comes calling again, Mon and James (now calling himself Guardian) shows up and at least one of them actually kicks a tiny amount of ass. They’d both definitely be dead if Kara hadn’t eventually shown up though.

Supergirl got an idea that, since the Parasite just feeds off energy and becomes more powerful, it’d be a great idea to soak up a bunch of radioactive waste and let him soak that up. Honestly she’s just really lucky that worked.

I honestly really don’t want to write about the end of this episode because it hurts my heart.

So, Alex is so very happy and proud and so very excited to tell Maggie all about it. Maggie had promised to buy her drinks when she came out and Alex definitely wasn’t going to waste that opportunity. Maggie is so obviously proud of her here and it’s sweet and adorable and we should just end the episode here.

But no, we must go on. Alex is so happy with herself, that she actually shows she has a little game and kisses Maggie. It’s sweet and romantic and perfect. That is until Maggie tells her that they need to stay friends.

I totally get this and as much as I’m complaining, I’m happy that this is how they’re handling this. Maggie just got out of a relationship, and Alex is a baby gay. That really isn’t a great combo currently. It is also truly important that Alex work on herself a bit and maybe even possibly learn to say that work “gay” or “lesbian” before she starts dating.

As much as I understand all this, Alex does not. She walks away heartbroken and we cut over to the her sitting alone in her apartment drinking away her feelings. Thank god Kara comes over. In a show of how much the writers actually understand this kind of unique experience, we get another speech from Alex about just forgetting everything and trying to shove herself back in the closet so hard she probably got whiplash from the hangers.

Kara won’t let her though, and does the only thing you can really do in that situation. You hold the person you care about and let them cry. Heartbreak is a bitch of a thing. Be you straight, gay, lesbian or bi or any other color of the flag.

It’s pretty obvious that I love this storyline and really it’s hard for me to express just how much I love and relate to it because it can still be a sensitive subject for me. This is the first time I’ve ever had exactly what I went through displayed like this and it’s amazing to witness and see my life and choices validated and shared. I hope that anyone else that struggles with any of this finds some sort of comfort and knows that, while it may be weird and hard to deal with at first, it’s always better to be true to yourself and be the best you that you can possibly be.


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