Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon. Just the merch that has come of it is incredible. Books, movies, keychains, wands, clothes, everything you can think of. You can even find a book of spells from the world of Hogwarts on Amazon (you can even find the Hogwarts Handbook on Amazon too).

I found 75 spells from that world in my research. Some were funny, and some sounded like no fun at all. Others sounded like they would be an immense help. With that last thought, I figured I would tell you the ones I thought would be helpful and fun. I also put in the three unforgivable curses just as an FYI. So let’s get into it.

Everyday Useful

Sonorus~ amplification of one’s voice like Dumbledore.

Duro~ make things hard, and please don’t make me clutch my pearls!

Impedimenta~ stops someone from coming at you, which would be helpful to fathers when their kid is that height or when being attacked.

Anapneo~ stops someone from choking because people choking is scary.

Erecto~ puts up tents or other structures which would be convenient for houses.

Finite Incantatem~ nullifies spell effects which would be helpful to real-world witches.

Homenum Revelio~ shows nearby people. You would never be scared at night again. Or at least you would have warning.

Incendio~ makes fire which would be lovely when I camp.

Lumos~ turns on lights.

Nox~ turns off lights.

Colloportus~ locks locks so you would never worry about losing your house keys.

Alohomora~ unlocks locks. Never be locked out of the house or your car again.

Reparo~ repairs broken objects such a money saver, especially if you have kids.

Scourgify~ cleans stuff. OMG Yes!

Accio~ summoning spell, which would come in handy right now. I can’t find my glasses.

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Useful For Parents

Incarcarous~ ties target up with rope for when your toddler wants to run off in the store.

Levicorpus/liberacorpus~ levitates someone by the ankle/lowers said target will stop your kid when caught red-handed.

Relashio~ makes the person drop what they are holding. Again, toddlers.

Tergeo~ cleans surfaces because, as a mom of small kids, surfaces always need cleaning.

Episkey~ Heals minor wounds. It would make every mother feel better to make her kid feel better.

Muffliato~ makes someone quiet. OMG, if you have had toddlers throwing a fit

Pack~ packs your luggage which would be a lifesaver, with a purse or diaper bag.


Glisseo~ turns a staircase into a slide because slides!

Rictusempra~ Tickling charm, which could be fun or a curse.

Specialis Revelio~ shows hidden magic within an object for all of your adventures.

Expulso~ explodes things, and that would get my son and husband in trouble, but it would be fun to watch.

Stupefy~ stun the person or being.

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Three unforgivable spells

Avada Kedavra~ the killing curse, the bug in the sorcerer’s stone

Crucio~ causes torturous pain

Imperio~ This allows the caster to take over the target’s mind

This isn’t a complete list of spells from the world of Harry Potter. If you want to revisit Harry and his friends in the movies or books, check out Amazon. You can also find Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them movies there too. Did I miss any of your favorite spells? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!