Fantasy football is one of the best ways for many to complement their entire football experience, with many fans around the US in places like Maryland continuing to play the wagering game on a daily or weekly basis when the NFL season is in session.

Indeed, there are many that will argue that there is no better way than playing fantasy sports and creating your own fantasy team to show that you know more than friends and family about the sport you are all extremely passionate about. It is an interesting topic at the workplace, at the bar, at a tailgate; anywhere! Additionally, it is a great way to obtain bragging rights and look the expert of the group.

Naturally, Madden 23 could be one of the best ways in which players are able to achieve the best fantasy team, with many playing the game as their favorite team and winning the Super Bowl. Therefore, with this in mind, could this video game help players to create their own fantasy teams and be successful?

In this blog post, we will give you some tips, tricks, and advice on how to create the ultimate fantasy team. 

Number of ways in which Madden 23 can help create a fantasy team

While you may find it difficult to understand, there are a number of ways in which Madden 23 can help you to create a fantasy team and one that is perhaps capable of winning the league that it is competing in. Indeed, there are many in Maryland and across the US that are already utilizing this method to enhance their experiences and potentially win, but here are just some quick-fire tips and advice that could help.

1. Choose Your Team Name Wisely

Picking your team name might not be one that can come directly from Madden 23, however while this may seem obvious to you, you would be surprised at how many people choose a team name without really putting any thought into it. 

Traditionally, a good team name should be something that represents your team’s personality and/or goal. There are a number of different examples that can be used and followed, with players given creative licenses, although within the parameters of the rules set. No matter what you choose, just make sure it is something you (and your fellow owners) can be proud of.

2. Draft Your Players Carefully

Once you have your team name, it is time to start drafting players. This is where things can get tricky because you have to strike a balance between choosing players that are good enough to help you win games and those that will not break the bank. Thankfully, Madden 23 makes it easy to do both by providing detailed player ratings and salary information. Simply sort the available players by rating and then by salary and start picking out the best ones for your team. Keep in mind, however, that player salaries will increase as they perform well so do not be afraid to spend a little bit more on a stud player that you know will help you win.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, fans in Maryland have been using the players that play for the Baltimore Ravens as a way of ensuring they draft players that they know. Many watch the team in the state and know exactly what they are getting from the team nowadays, with the likes of Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews being popular picks.

With sports betting on the rise in Maryland since being legalized, too, there are a number of fans that have started to use players who are closer to home, as it means they are able to keep a closer eye on their performances, while also being able to have some knowledge that others may not typically have available to them.

In fact, this knowledge can be useful when wagering on the team, too. With BetMGM Maryland Sports Betting Promo Codes now available for Raven fans, it has become important for fans to know everything they need to, which is why many in the state have continued to keep tabs on the players that are on their roster.

With this in mind, and many others in other states across the US also adopting this technique when betting on their favorite team, it is certainly worth following this trick and tip whenever it comes down to trying to draft picks.

3. Stay Under the Salary Cap

In addition to choosing players that are good enough to help you win games, you also have to make sure they fit within your budget. This is where Madden 23’s salary cap comes into play. The salary cap is an invisible limit on how much money you can spend on your players’ salaries.

If you go over the salary cap, you will be penalized heavily and may even lose some of your best players as a result. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your salary cap situation at all times and adjust your roster accordingly.

4. Manage Your Players’ Injuries Carefully

Another important aspect of being a successful NFL fantasy owner is managing your players’ injuries carefully. If one of your star players gets hurt, it can really set back your team’s chances of winning games. Luckily, Madden 23 provides detailed information on each player’s injury status so that you can make informed decisions about who to play and who to rest.

If a player is nursing a minor injury, there is a good chance he will be able to tough it out and still perform well. However, if a player is dealing with a major injury, it is probably best to sit him out until he is 100% healthy again. No one wants their star player riding the bench but sometimes it is necessary in order to avoid further injury and keep your team competitive.


Creating your own NFL fantasy team on Madden 23 is a great way to show your team spirit and compete against friends or strangers for bragging rights (and maybe even some cash). By following the tips in this blog post, you will be well on your way to putting together a competitive team that has a chance at taking home the championship trophy; something fans in Maryland will be hoping the Baltimore Ravens are able to do once again!