Today as you probably know, is the first day of school for Hogwarts students, which got me thinking about some of my favorite Hogwarts memories from each year, so here they are!

Year one: The gang defeating the troll.
Year one has a lot of good moments, from Dudley getting a tail to Dumbledore making it so Gryffindor won the house cup, every bit of this book is fantastic! It’s the start of the whole series so there’s so much nostalgia there, but this is my favorite moment because it’s when Harry, Ron, and Hermione first become best friends. J.K Rowling said in an interview she was about to have it just be Hermione fighting the troll, and I’m really glad she changed it. Hermione has plenty of good solo moments but this is the first time they really solidify their friendship.

Year two: The car arriving at just the right time.
Ron and Harry going to talk to Arragog scared me so much when I was younger, and it still kinda does, spiders terrify me! Ron is also scared of spiders and when he keeps whining and tugging on Harry’s sleeve it almost seems like Ron is just being a baby, but then we see the living nightmare that’s emerging from the trees and how Hermione, the only one who knows how to do any spells whatsoever, is paralyzed and stuck at the castle, and us the audience/reader is wondering “Oh dear god! What’s going to happen?!” then BOOM! The rogue Ford Angelica from earlier swoops in to save the day!

Year three: Harry producing the Patrons.
Harry was continuously getting bullied for fainting due to the demeantors, and for most of the book, he thinks Sirius Black was the one who told Voldemort about his parent’s location and escaped Azkaban for the soul purpose of killing Harry. And up until now we haven’t seen Harry, or really any of the students in the books, do fantastic magic. And the fact that Lupin is the one who teaches him how to produce a Patronus just makes it all the more special, it shows how great of a wizard Harry is and how great a friend Lupin is, to care so much about his friend’s kid after only just meeting him. I think it’s sweet.

Year four: When Harry gives his winnings to Fred and George.
This isn’t in the movies, but it’s at the end of the book; the Tri-Wizard cup comes with a 10,000 galleon size money, and then Harry gives it all to Fred and George so they can start Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes (say that five times fast). It shows just how much Harry thinks of the Weasley’s as family, and how compassionate he is. And the fact that Fred and George then went on to start their own store is so brave and bold, I mean they could have used it for something that would have paid off immediately but they took the risk and went out and gave their dream a shot! And in the long run, it totally paid off! Think of how much money they must have made from the store, and how much fun they had working together!

Year five: Book; Sirius’ mothers portrait Movie; “Nice one, James!”
I feel like this one deserved two because “Nice one, James!” is only in the movies but I love it. I feel like it’s probably on everyone’s favorite moments list, because it’s just so sweet and in that moment it really seems like Harry and Sirius are working together as equals and it seems almost like if they were the Marauders. J.K Rowling said she meant fro Sirius to be like “a brother and a father” to Harry and I really see the brother side here, but even more so best friend. Sirius was one of my favorite characters and, oh god I’m going to stop here because the tears in my eyes are starting to make it hard to type. On the book front, I love the portrait of Sirius’s mom, how when the curtain on top of the portrait fell she just started screaming, I feel like this would have been a funny little thing to add into the movie. However I can see why they did, I think they were trying to make the movie more sirius (sorry, I meant serious!) because this is the beginning of really taking down Voldemort once and for all. But it still would be fun to just hear someone screaming bloody murder in the middle of nowhere every now and then.

Year six: Ron trying out to be Gryffindor keeper.
When Harry becomes Gryffindor quidditch team captain, Ron tries out to be keeper and then Harry gives him liquid luck, or so he thinks! Ron plays like nobody’s ever seen, he crushes it on the field, and Hermione asks Harry why he did that, because that’s so dishonest! Harry shows her he just tricked Ron, so Ron obviously becomes keeper but not because of a potion, simply because he’s a great player! I love it because it shows the power of just a little confidence boosts. Also, ever since Harry doesn’t use the potion on Ron, he can use it later when he needs to get Professor Slughorn’s memory of when Tom Riddle was at school. If he had used it on Ron, who knows what could have happened!

Year seven: “Not my daughter you bitch!”
Molly Weasley kicks ass no matter what she’s doing, she has seven kids and only one daughter, and now here she is fighting in a war and in defending her only daughter, she kills Voldemort’s most loyal supporter. Bellatrix was certainly a powerful witch, and she wasn’t afraid to exercise her power for the worst. And Molly; even though she is powerful, strong, amazing, cool, and the mom we all want to grow up to be, we never really see her doing much crazy magic. Here we see her defeat Bellatrix in spectacular fashion, she doesn’t just kill her, she demolishes her! I think in the movie they did an amazing job of putting this on screen because it is truly spectacular.

Well there you have it! Of course there are so many more, and pretty much every part of Harry Potter is my favorite part. I love Harry Potter and I get super excited every time September rolls around, I more so refer to it as “Harry Potter season” because, lets be honest, most of September is re-reading the books and watching the movies, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I hope you all had a good first day back at Hogwarts, like and share down below and if you want to read more Harry Potter from me, I wrote a post about all the questions I have about the Wizarding world and I’m still searching for the answers!