I love myself a good story. I love looking into the lore of something and trying to solve the mysteries of the tale that I am being presented with, whether it’s a book, show, or movie. However, when it comes to horror, I often can’t stomach all the gore, grotesque sounds, or jump scares. I want to experience the scary story without all the in-your-face-grossness or horror. That is when I look for a horror movie review by someone I trust.

Thankfully, there are YouTubers that watch, summarize, and sometimes even theorize about what has happened in the movie. This way, you can decide if you ultimately want to watch it for yourself, or enjoy the knowledge that they have shared with you.

Be warned that all of these YouTubers spoil the endings of the movies they watch and have their own opinions on whether this is a “good” or “scary” piece of cinema.

FilmComicsExplained: Neutral Horror Movie Reviews

This creator is a good place to go for all things nerdy when it comes to cinema. He analyzes characters from all genres of media, summarizes comic books, and reviews movies of all kinds. I appreciate his more serious tone when reviewing and I find that he is one of the more neutral horror movie reviewers. He is also excellent when it comes to looking into the production history of a film/comic which can often give us even more insight into the media we are consuming.

You can watch his video about Sleepy Hollow below.


Dead Meat: Kill Counts

This creator has a more humorous schtick it comes to reviewing movies, as he does kill count of how many human and non-human die within the show. He summarizes the movies very well and he also has a podcast where he and his friends engage in a deeper analysis of the themes. My one caveat with this creator is that he often shows a lot more of the movie than others, which often means that you might get an unwanted jump scare or a face full of blood.

You can watch his review of Get Out below.


Amanda the Jedi: Horror Movies and Humor

Amanda the Jedi makes me laugh throughout her entire review, no matter what she’s reviewing, her rants about the stupidity of a character, insanity of the situation, or the poor writing is hysterical. Honestly, most of us probably feel the same way when watching horror movies (Don’t go down the creepy staircase!!!), so she brings some levity to the terror. She is one of the most opinonated reviewers, so take that with a grain of salt.

You can see her review for Barbarian below.


FoundFlix: A Well-Rounded Horror Movie Reviewer

When it comes to horror movie reviews, this guy is my favorite by far. He does an excellent job of summarizing the plot and explaining the endings of some of the most confusing movies (horror and science fiction seem to be his favorites) and also touching on some of the production history when it is pertinent to the understanding of the selected media. While he may make a comment here and there throughout his summary, he saves his main opinion for the end, and he supports his claims very well. I’ve been able to safely watch horror movies knowing that I’m going to be watching a quality film (or trash if that’s what you’re into as well).

You can see his review of The Black Phone below.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list. I know I’ve probably missed some, but these are my particular favorites. Hopefully I introduced you to someone new!