About a year ago as of this writing, we took a close look at a game called Smite, and specifically the gods within the game. In that process, we wrote up a sort of profile on the Egyptian god known as Horus –– the “god of the sky and kingship,” depicted as a man with the head of a falcon.

Horus is by no means the only godly figure in Smite. He appears alongside the likes of Aphrodite, Ganesha, Odin, and more (including some mythical heroes ranging from King Arthur to Mulan). Diving into this game though, it’s impossible not to notice the wider presence of the Egyptian deities, including Osiris, Ra, and Anubis. These are striking figures, as recognizable as any historical gods and goddesses save for perhaps those of Greece and Rome. And seeing them in Smite, one comes to the realization that these characters, as well as other elements of Egyptian myth and history, have actually become quite common in gaming.

Over the years, developers of everything from indie mobile games, to casino titles, to major console experiences have recognized and tapped into the intrigue of this vivid, semi-mythical chapter of human history. And in doing so, they’ve produced one memorable gaming experience after another. In this post, we want to briefly touch on some of the best.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

The first game that comes to mind is the biggest and best. When the console-based Assassin’s Creed franchise takes on a new historical setting, it goes all the way in on an attempt to bring that setting to life as vividly as possible. And this adventurous outing in ancient Egypt may be the best result. There is plenty of action to be had, as fans of the AC franchise will expect. More than anything else though, this is a gorgeous portal to an older world: “a space of loveliness, a work of art”, as a review at IGN put it –– a “simulation of ancient life.” It’s a breathtaking game to dive into.

Mummy Shooter

Mummy Shooter is a retro-style indie mobile game that you can still download on iOS or Android devices. And basically, it situates you as a first-person shooter locked in position, repelling waves of mummies, skeletons, and some more elaborate characters, one level after another. It’s a simple game, but the levels are nice to look at (consisting of different chambers within tombs), and the action is surprisingly gripping. Some may even recognize shades of the iconic GoldenEye 64 in the graphics and shooting style.

Golden Glyph

You can find Egypt-themed games on virtually every medium and in every category in the video game world. Nowhere, however, are they more prevalent than at online casino arcades. Thanks in large part to the inherent value of symbols in Egyptian culture, and the recognizable nature of Egyptian gods, monuments, art, and landscapes, the theme has proven to be ideal for the creation of digital slot machines and similar games. Examples abound, but the Golden Glyph game by Quickspin is maybe the prettiest and most impressive of the bunch. This game features a 7×7 slot grid filled with fun Egyptian symbols and artwork, all displayed over a gleaming background of what one imagines an Egyptian capital might have looked like in its prime.

4 Tombs of Tutankhamun

If Golden Glyph is the most impressive Egyptian slot overall, then 4 Tombs of Tutankhamun may be the most exciting. This is a somewhat newer game that’s earned a showcase among Foxy Bingo’s jackpots, which typically represent some of the most popular games in the category at any given time. The slot takes a rather more dramatic approach to depict Egyptian themes than Golden Glyph, welcoming players into a tomb (or perhaps a pyramid) with all of the associated imagery. It’s a sharply designed game, heavier on the action than Golden Glyph, and another excellent example within a crowded sub-category of slots.

Strange Brigade

Getting back to the console and PC space, Strange Brigade is another vivid and adventurous game invoking ancient Egypt. Revolving around the story of an ancient “witch queen” awakening from a forgotten tomb, the game basically sends you on a quest into tombs, pyramids, and Egyptian lands to battle demons, uncover history, and ultimately have a blast. Granted, the gameplay is nothing new; it’s an enjoyably pulpy shooter, as one write-up put it. But if you happen to love the ancient Egyptian setting and themes, you’ll enjoy it that much more than its genre counterparts.

Predynastic Egypt

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t comment on Predynastic Egypt, a title available both on PC and in mobile form. Considered something of a classic civilization sim, this game starts you off in 5,000 BC and essentially challenges you to guide an early, tribal Egyptian civilization to its glory days. It’s a little more intricate and less battle-oriented than, say, Age of Empires or Sid Meier’s Civilization games. But there are wars to be had, alongside exploration, resource management, diplomacy, and so much more.

Several additional games could make the list, but this is a useful spattering not only of some of the best Egyptian games, but several different types of them. If you’re a fan of this setting and theme, we guarantee you’ll enjoy them.

Article Provided by: Anthony Wood –  Anthony Wood is a committed gamer from Stillwater, Oklahoma. After spending the early part of his life working in 16-bit game development, he’s become a game critic and reviewer writing for publications across the globe. When he’s not gaming, he’s usually found walking his two poodles, Virtue and Faith.