Batman has been around for almost 85 years and has had numerous adventures across multiple mediums, so if should come to no surprise that he has crossed over with numerous other fictional characters, from the obvious Superman to the less obvious Predator and almost everyone in between, but that doesn’t mean he’s crossed over with everyone. Here are some characters/franchises that Batman should team up with next…

Batman/Nightmare on Elm Street:  

A story bringing Batman together with horror icon Freddy Krueger could easily be called “Nightmare in Crime Alley” and dive into some of Batman’s fear. While this has been well explored with Batman numerous interactions with the villain Scarecrow it would be fun to see Batman face off against Freddy Krueger. Maybe even have Freddy team-up with Scarecrow for a double threat. While we’re at it why not have Batman face off against other horror icons such as Michael Meyers or Jason Voorhees or make the Batman/Nightmare on Elm Street crossover part of a DC universe wide crossover with Horror Icons much like they did with Hanna Barbera characters a few years ago. Better yet do it in October to capture that Halloween season

Source: Deviantart by DCTVU


Just the seriousness of Batman playing of the fourth-wall breaking antics of Deadpool would be enough to make this crossover worthwhile

Star Wars-Jaina Solo vs Darth Caedus

Batman/Star Wars

Green Lantern has crossed-over with Star Trek so why not Batman with Star Wars? Well, the fact Disney owns both Star Wars and DC’s main rival Marvel is probably a fair reason, but wouldn’t it be fun to see Batman wielding a lightsaber and facing down Darth Vader. The Dark Knight could become a Jedi Knight


Batman/James Bond:

Two characters with a vast array of gadgets teaming up to save to world? Count us in. Ras Al Ghul could be a threat that could lead to this team-up


Batman/GI Joe:

While it would make more sense for a character like Captain America to team up with the Joes a Batman team-up would also be fun to see.  Better yet why not a JLA/GI Joe mini-series?

It’s the FINAL ultra edition! For now. Source:

Batman/Street Fighter:

Batman has already fought against the kombatants of the Mortal Kombat universe thanks to Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, but why not test his martial arts prowess against fighters like Ryu, Chun-li and Zangief

Those are just a few Batman crossovers that should happen. What Batman crossovers would you like to see?