If you’re a little nerdy, it’s likely that you’ve been that way for many years. And you’re probably pretty comfortable with this fact. Nonetheless, there’s nothing worse than having children who think you’re dweeby or uncool. As such, finding ways to embrace your inner geek while retaining a positive aura around your children will be crucial. 

Seems daunting right? It doesn’t need to be. Check out the following 10 ideas and you will be just fine.

#1. Embrace Super Heroes

Once upon a time, the worlds of Marvel and DC were the epitome of nerdy. In today’s world, not so much. In truth, they are among the most universally popular franchises on the planet. So, if you want to stop the mask of coolness from slipping, wearing your superhero mask is the ideal solution.

In fact, these 10 Marvel superhero and villain characters are parents. So, you have the perfect inspiration for future fancy dress costumes. Home movie nights are a great way to create magical memories together at home. Alternatively, hitting the cinema to catch the latest release is a great day out.

Better still, looking for 4D cinemas or iMAX screen will create the wow factor for your kids. And satisfy your desire to geek out.

#2. Get Gaming

Video games are another feature that were once deemed nerdy but are now very much a part of the mainstream. Therefore, they can be the perfect example of a somewhat geeky activity that can be enjoyed together. Whether you’re team Playstation, Xbox, or Switch doesn’t matter. There are plenty of suitable games.

Even if you’re not a skilled gamer, you can try these interactive family games. They are accessible for all players while they also allow you to burn a few calories. Playing sports in the digital world rather than the real one may be nerdy. But you cannot deny that it is a lot more enjoyable. 

Besides, the kids are a great excuse for when you want to jump back into the old games like Crash Bandicoot that you used to love.

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#3. Or Build A PC Setup

Console gaming is still a little nerdy, but PC gaming is the far better choice for anyone who truly wants to unleash their inner geek. In truth, most kids will love the results of a customized PC setup and appreciate the efforts. Nonetheless, designing and developing it is definitely considered nerdy.

It’s not just a case of buying a gaming keyboard or a bigger monitor. There is a whole community dedicated to building customized gaming PC setups. Meanwhile, a high-performance computer can be used for a host of other tasks like making podcasts or editing videos.

Building the PC together is something that you’ll both remember. Frankly, neither of you will care about the fact it’s a little nerdy.

#4. Make Learning Fun

As an adult, you appreciate the value of education and know that it isn’t nerdy to unlock your full academic potential. Sadly, it is something that children may get teased for. So, an active role in their development is vital for keeping them engaged. The great news is that there are many opportunities to add some fun to the mix.

Downloading school worksheets is a great solution that can make core subjects fun for elementary school kids. Teachers will often use similar resources. Even when they don’t, the content can build on the lessons they’ve gained. They can also support creativity through drawings.

You can print out a copy for yourself too. This will help your child feel closer to you and more mature because they are doing the same thing as mom and dad.

#5. Integrate Tech With Their Hobbies

We all use gadgets in many aspects of our daily lives, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are a little nerdy. This is especially true when you integrate them into hobbies where previous generations did not require tech. Sports tracking tools are perhaps the most popular choice and can be used in many ways.

There are a variety of products on the market to track running stats, passing stats, and other metrics for sporting activities. As a parent, you’re probably using them to tap into your love of tech. However, your child will love the products primarily because it makes them feel like they are the same as their sporting heroes.

Alternatively, you could take a camera with you to shoot or film their games. The photos and videos are something you can look back on for years to come.

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#6. Find Days Out With An Academic Edge 

Family days out form a key feature of any child’s upbringing. You should certainly make time for water parks and theme parks. However, you can also find a range of activities that include an academic element. It allows parents to embrace geeky elements without sacrificing the fun.

Museums and art galleries are obvious options, but there are many others. If your kids love sports, why not take a stadium tour instead of watching a game? If you personally love architecture but don’t enjoy the sport, you’ll be able to get a lot from the trip. Meanwhile, children gain the wow factor from the views.

If you have struggled to connect through their hobby, this could be the ideal solution that lets you stay geeky yet cool.

#7. Make Healthy Eating Fun

Not drinking alcohol was once considered very uncool but is now quite normal. As a parent, you can set a great example to your kids by avoiding excess. However, it is now equally hip to focus on healthy eating and lifestyles. You can add an extra ingredient of fun while still cranking up the geek factor by getting creative.

Trying out fancy imported ingredients or using a special kitchen gadget can make cooking fun for you. Meanwhile, using kid-friendly recipes help children embrace a better relationship with food. Whether they know it or not, they’ll be gaining an education that will help them adopt a healthier lifestyle in years to come.

Enjoying food is anything but geeky. However, there’s plenty of room for you to get nerdy about the story of how it gets to your plate. Embrace it.

#8. Meet Up With Other Nerds

Just because you’re a little nerdy, it doesn’t mean you have to be lonely or anti-social. Having a social group of other slightly geeky parents may help kids see that geeks can be cool too. More importantly, it gives you a chance to be more comfortable and confident in who you are. This is a great lesson to pass down.

Inviting another family round to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster or enjoy a family board game night is ideal. You can have a lot of fun by dressing up as characters or embracing other nerdy activities in the comfort of the home. Or you can play online video games together instead.

Ultimately, enjoying hobbies that you find fun should be more important than trying to follow the crowd. Even if you enjoy geeky tasks. 

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#9. Let Them See You Creative

Kids are like sponges, and they will take in a lot from the way you behave. This is a great excuse to showcase your creativity and take pride in the things you love. Be proud to read for fun, paint, or play classical music on the piano. Even if you enjoy activities in a different way to most people, highlighting the need to enjoy life on your terms is key.

When your child is exposed to these lessons, they will learn to embrace what their heart loves. Moreover, they can be more confident asking you to join in. This could mean playing music together or may see you support them with their dancing. The fact that you enjoy time with your child more than time with old friends is nothing to shy away from,

The creative activities may subsequently be something that your child loves for life. Even if they don’t, the transferable skills and lessons are key.

#10. Get An Early Night’s Sleep

Going to bed at 9:30 pm as a full-grown adult might not seem cool. However, waking up full of energy and able to play games with your child definitely will do. After all, spending time with you is the thing that kids want from their parents more than anything else in the world. If an early night is needed to make it happen, that’s fine.

Getting into the habit of hitting the sack so early can be tough. In reality, a new mattress and bedding will make you actively look forward to getting into bed. A good nighttime routine that helps your mind and body ease into sleep will naturally have a hugely positive impact on the situation. Within weeks, you’ll wonder how you survived without it.

You only need around 7-9 hours of sleep each night, though. So, if your child sleeps well, you may not need to make major changes. Only when you’re tired.