Some very interesting news this past weekend coming from The Walker Stalker convention Fan Fest in New Jersey involving the actress who played Andrea and to a lesser extent Dale.


You got screwed, and not by just the Governor either. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Laurie Holden and Jeffrey DeMann were apart of what turned out to be a no holds barred panel in New Jersey. They seemed to not have an issue letting the juice fly, as anyone that is familiar with the comics counterpart know that these two have/had survived considerably longer than their TV counterparts.

A piece of a quote from Laurie, “Well I had an 8 year deal, I was there until the end. I was supposed to end up with Rick…” After all these years this is a pretty big revelation from Laurie, as everyone knows “Andrea” met her end at the end of season 3. Behind the scenes then show runner Frank Darabont told her they had to kill her character and couldn’t shoot it how they wanted. Frank and AMC had some disagreements that has been discussed and got removed from the show. It hit a rough patch, but Laurie even admits that the show is now in a good place wth Scott Gimple.

With Jeffrey, he actually asked to be removed from the show because of how strong he felt about things that were happening behind the scenes that he did not agree with. Jeffrey sounds like he has the same morale compass as the character he played Dale.

All of that is surprising, that a 8 year deal was voided, I wonder if their was compensation behind the scenes. My curiosity stems from Laurie saying that she was supposed to be their to an end, we are about to reach season 7, and she talked about an 8 year deal. Was The Walking Dead originally only suppose to have an 8 year shelf life? Has that changed now under Scott? I know they still have plenty of source material from the comics. It makes sense where seemingly out of nowhere Sasha has been more prominent, it seems she took some of Andrea’s scenes and abilities from the book, with as of right now looking like Michonne is taking the love interest void.

All very interesting, don’t get me wrong I still didn’t enjoy Andrea’s character on the show.