With the success of the new movie Prey (now streaming on Hulu), it seems the Predator is due for a revival after the lukewarm reception of The Predator(2018). Prey managed to take the franchise back to basics and back in time to 1700s America. So why not continue on that track and explore more time periods with the Predator instead of coming back to the future? Here are some settings we would like to see in the next Predator movie.

Wild West:

This could be the movie that Cowboys vs. Aliens strived to be with a Predator terrorizing a small western town and the sheriff and his deputies fighting it off. There is even some possibility to tie into other movies with the sheriff potentially being an ancestor of Dutch from the first movie and maybe a descendant of Naru from Prey making an appearance

Feudal Japan:

Who doesn’t want to see a samurai take on a Predator?

10th Century Scandinavia:

Another matchup fans would love to see: Predator vs. Viking. A similar idea was tried with the movie Outlander, but I think Predator can do it better.

Prohibition Chicago:

A city setting has already been done with Predator 2, but the chance to see Prohibition-Era gangsters, potentially including Al Capone, take on a Predator, perhaps with the help of the cops who are trying to put them away, would be good to see

Civil War:

This one might be a little too similar to the setting of Prey or the Old West setting, but it would be fun to see Union Soldiers and Confederates soldiers have to come together to fight a mutual threat. Perhaps a Confederate soldier and freed slave are forced to team up. The potential for more connections is there as the soldier could be an ancestor of the Dutch, and maybe the slave is an ancestor of Mike Harrigan from the second movie. The potential for an appearance by a descendant of Naru is also there. Perhaps the descendant can appear in both this setting and the Wild West setting to bridge the two.


While it looks to be covered by the new Marvel Predator comic series there still is plenty of room for a Predator movie set at some point in the future, maybe 100 years. Perhaps colonists on the moon or Mars are fighting off a Predator

Those are some new time periods we would like to see in the next Predator movie. Where would you like to see Predator go next? Let us know in the comments.