So you’re having a board game night, and you’re excited to have some fun, try out some new games, and maybe test some friendships along the way; but what games should you bring? While most of us remember childhood classics like fighting over Park Place in Monopoly or an exciting roll of the dice in Yahtzee, there are many new game night options. So whether you like playing party games with your friends, want to challenge your kids, or enjoy a bonding night with your partner, there are some excellent choices to bring back the joy of a good board game. No matter what the occasion is, here are some of the top picks for your next game night:

Best Board Games to Play With Kids

Animal Upon Animal

     When playing games with kids, you want to ensure they are easy enough for the children to understand but still fun for the adults involved. For those kids who are too young to read cards or instructions, HABA has fantastic choices. One of our favorites is Animal Upon Animal, a fun stacking game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Your goal is to stack the variety of wooden animals you have onto the back of an alligator. The first person to stack all of their animals without knocking them over is the winner. This game is always a great time for people of all ages.

Source: HABA Games

Ticket to Ride: First Journey

     If you have kids a bit older, there are many more options. Many games that are popular with adults have their kid-friendly versions. One example is Ticket to Ride: First Journey. Like its adult counterpart, Ticket to Ride, you collect trains to complete missions across the map of the United States. Racing against other players, you’re trying to get your train from city to city to be the first to complete six missions. A little strategy is involved in this game, but it’s still simple enough not to be overwhelming.

Source: Days of Wonder

Party Games


     Are you expecting a lot of people? Many games have a four to six-player limit, but these party favorites are great options if you have more people coming to play. A game that’s always a crowd pleaser is Telestrations or Telestrations After Dark for an adult crowd. Each time this game is brought out for game night, someone is spitting out their drink or laughing so hard they’re crying. Remember playing the game telephone in school? Well, this game combines the absurdity of telephone with drawing. Each player takes a turn either drawing a word or writing a word for a drawing they saw. Although it’s a drawing game, a lack of skill can make this game even more entertaining. Accommodating up to eight players, this game is excellent when you have a few more players than usual.

Source: The OP Games

The Blockbuster Party Game

     Is anyone ready to bring back the 90’s nostalgia to their next game night? The Blockbuster Party Game does just that with a game board that looks like a Blockbuster parking lot. It’s a movie trivia game with a combination of ways to get your team to guess, like saying one word, a quote from the movie, or acting out a scene like charades. Since you break up into two teams, this game can accommodate parties of any size over four.

Source: Big Potato Games

Best Board Games for Couples


      If you want a board game date night, there are plenty of fun games with just two players. These board games are a great way to get to know someone better or test how well you and your partner work as a team. Wavelength is a great way to see what someone’s opinions are on a variety of topics, from silly to more serious. You are given a category, such as hot and cold, and then you must provide your partner with a one-word clue. They then have to move the dial to where they believe that word falls on the scale, scoring points if you and your partner are on the same wavelength. It’s a great way to better understand the way your partner’s mind works.

Source: CMYK Games

Codenames: Duet

       If you are looking for a challenge for you and your date, a party favorite, Codenames also comes in a duet version for two players. In this game, you are acting as spies, working to identify your agents with their codenames. With word association, you are trying to tell your partner who your agents are while avoiding multiple assassins. This game can be challenging and test your ability to work together and communicate effectively.

Source: Czech Games

Other Favorite Board Games

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

       Not fitting into these other categories but worth mentioning are some crowd-pleasing favorites. These games always bring smiles on game night. First is more of a card game than a board game, but so great that it is essential to add here. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a fast-paced card game for up to eight players that will have you jumping up from your seat, laughing with friends, and vying for the win. Competitive, silly, and simple, this game is excellent for most audiences and ages. If a card image matches the word said by the player, you have to slam your hand down before the other players or risk taking the large pile of cards. The winner is the first player to lose all their cards and be the first to slap on the next card.

Source: Dolphin Hat Games

Hues and Cues

     Another game that works for a variety of audiences is Hues and Cues. There is a board of color swatches, and you are trying to explain the color on your card to the others without using the names of the colors. Describing colors with words can be more complicated than expected, and it can be entertaining how your friends see things. First, you use one word to describe your color. Then the other players place their cones on the board on top of the swatch they think you are describing. Next, you use two words to describe the same color, and the others get another guess. Then points are awarded based on how close they got to the color on the card. It’s a fun strategy game enjoyed by casual players and more serious board game fans.

Source: The OP Games

What’s Best Board Games For You

     What board game is the best is going to be different for everyone. It can also depend on the party of other players and the occasion. There is a wide range of games so everyone can find something they can enjoy. Sometimes the event calls for a simple game that can be learned and played quickly. Other times you and your friends are ready to sit down and learn a new complicated game with more rules and adventure. It’s good to know what you expect from your game night and who your players are. With the right picks, any game night can be incredible.