Fighting games can be tough. You open Tekken 7 to have fun but instead get destroyed by much more skilled players with almost no chance for you to land even one blow. However, fighting games can be and are a joyful experience – for players of all levels. Beginners need to find their best path to avoid annoying obstacles and enjoy playing time from the minute one.

Let’s take a look at seven very common mistakes newcomers make in Tekken 7. It would be better to avoid them – whether you plan to reach the top level in Tekken 7 ranks or just want to experience the max from this game.

Mistake 1 – Immediately jump into multiplayer matches

Online multiplayer mode is definitely the core fun in Tekken 7 and many other fighting games. But wait a bit! Don’t make the mistake of entering multiplayer fights with no experience at all. 

Every game has its basic mechanics, and you should learn them properly before proceeding to the hard part. You will not start a final boss battle before completing the first level, won’t you? The situation with multiplayer Tekken is very similar.

Start with the story mode. It’s a very good way to get to know the characters and their abilities. First opponents here are pretty simple, but soon you’ll face quite powerful challenges that will help you grow as a player.

Then check out Character Episodes. They are not difficult but can expand your understanding of the Tekken 7 roster.

Polish your skills in offline fights. And when you feel like you know what you are doing, try and enjoy multiplayer.

Mistake 2 – Button mashing

Tekken 7 is one of those games that allows players to win early fights with just button mashing – when you are pressing everything on the gamepad without a proper understanding of what is going on in the virtual world.

The problem is that such a playing behavior soon becomes a bad habit. It’s so tempting to stick to it even if the opponents are annoyingly difficult.

Button mashing is not an awful thing. That may be a temporary solution for you to enjoy the fights from the very start. But try to learn moves, attacks, and combos of Tekken 7 characters as soon as possible. Take your time to figure out what the buttons actually do and develop muscle memory. Yes, you definitely should put some effort into this, but the result will be rewarding.

Mistake 3 – You stick to one character

We can easily describe two dimensions for each Tekken 7 fighter: 

  1. Their personality, including the backstory, behavior in cutscenes, and of course, the appearance;
  2. Their abilities in the game, what they can do in a fight.

It’s totally understandable to start with the first “dimension” – beginners don’t know the fighting features of that guy or that girl. But alas, it’s the easiest way to make mistakes.

We, as players, also have our abilities. Someone is really good at close-range battles and gets victories with fast characters. Someone prefers attacking from a distance. And someone likes making powerful hits even if they are slow. And… Ok, you probably got the point.

Be ready to change your initial decision. Give all the T7 fighters a chance to prove themselves worthy of your attention. Play them in offline modes and take them to multiplayer fights. Don’t try to analyze a lot. And even don’t make your decision on the basis of general stats – win/loss rate. Your internal impressions are much more important. You should feel the character and enjoy them. It’s ok to return to your first choice anyway. But it’s strange to limit your experience and avoid fresh possibilities.

Mistake 4 – Ignore the Practice mode

Yep, definitely do this to not get serious success in Tekken 7.

Practice / Training is one of the busiest sections in all fighting games. Players learn moves there, experiment with combos, try to adapt to complicated tricks of their opponents, and… and just do other stuff while trying to master the game.

Even professionals visit Practice regularly. It’s a safe environment where you can set the behavior of the opponent. This mode may seem like not the most exciting one, but it boosts your progress (and therefore joy) in all the other Tekken 7 modes.

Mistake 5 – Never visit the customization section

This is one of the distinguishing features of the Tekken game series – you can turn your character into almost anything. 

How would this affect my playing sessions? Costumes create the general mood in the game and help to reflect your real-world personality. This side of the game also gives you a “tangible” achievement system – you unlock new costumes and feel your progress in Tekken 7.

Feel free to do whatever you want. Just don’t sleep on the customization option – give it a shot.

Mistake 6 – Stay away from the community

You can compare Tekken 7 to a platform where so many players have fun. It’s a friendly community, and you will make your experience much more interesting and cheerful by becoming a part of it.

Having like-minded people around you is an excellent idea even beyond gaming. You have someone to understand your passion – that’s invaluable. 

Being part of the community means making connections with other players on social platforms (especially on Discord), sharing your successes, discussing fresh updates, creating fan art, and doing anything else that comes to mind.

Mistake 7 – Never watch Tekken 7 esports

There are some people who demonstrate breathtaking miracles in fighting games. They become esports professionals and participate in big prestigious tournaments. You can learn a lot of things from them.

Start watching streams of big Tekken 7 events – it’s an exciting show when you have experience in the game. And it’s a very helpful show as well, because your mind starts absorbing various tricks so that you can use them in your matches. 

Then you can go even deeper and start supporting someone among professionals and follow their successes. It’s a great motivation to watch more streams and play more Tekken.

It is also interesting to watch Twitch streams of those pro players you like. They often explain various techniques and teach how to play Tekken 7 better. This may become a solution for the previous mistake – you’ll find many like-minded people on the chat.

Arguably the ultimate mistake for a Tekken player is not enjoying the game. That happens when you set some goals, and the playing practice turns into a routine. Or when you choose a somewhat wrong path in your development and face bitter inconveniences. This doesn’t mean you should abandon the game. A small break can be beneficial – you may find new motivation or new attitude. Hopefully, this article can help you to really enjoy your Tekken 7 experience. Have fun!