It’s finally happening – Emerald City Comic Con is back for it’s 2022 show. And with a wide array of panels to attend, merch to buy, and celebs to meet, looking at the website might make it difficult to plan out your day. Fear not, I’m here to give you the top places to be and more.

First and foremost: Emerald City Comic Con is requiring face masks for its 2022 show. Don’t be afraid of ruining your cosplay…you’re just in a pestilence au.

Of course, you can find all the panels, events, artist alley booths, and more on the ECCC website. But here are the best events you won’t want to miss each day!

Source ECCC

Thursday August 18

ECCC Indie Games Showcase – This event will be happening the same time each day of the convention. What better way to start your days than with a game or two! New games are rotated every three hours and vary by day. (Sheraton Lvl 3 Metropolitan A Foyer 10:30am-1pm)

Story Time with the Consulate: Japanese Folktales – Hang out with the General-Consulate of Japan and discover some fantastical Japanese folklore! (Family HQ Workshop (TCC Skagit Lvl 1 12:45pm-1:45pm)

From LUMPIA Movie to LUMPIA Comic Book: Origin of the Deep Fried Universe! – From homemade movie, to feature length film, to indie comic series. LUMPIA creators, cast and crew discuss the importance of representation in the LUMPIA universe. (SCC 303 2:15pm-3:15pm)

Haunts, Horrors, and History – Join Hiron Ennes, Kelly McWilliams, and Laura Anne Gilman for some scary tales from the Civil Rights Movement, fictional worlds, and Gilded Age New England. (Writer’s Room (SCC 602-604) 2pm-3pm)

Friday August 19

Doug Jones Spotlight – Movie monster legend Doug Jones takes to the main stage for a spotlight panel. Fans of What We Do in the Shadows, Hellboy, and Star Trek: Discovery won’t want to miss this! (Main Stage 12:45pm-1:45pm)

The Magicians Reunion – Hale Appleman & Harvey Guillén get together to look back on the show and answer fan questions during a Q&A. (Main Stage 3:45pm-4:45pm)

What happened to Steve? – Steve Burns is ready to share his memories, successes, and even failure experiences since he left the beloved children’s show Blue’s Clues! No matter if you’re there for laughs or relatability, this event is sure to be the missing clue in healing your childhood heart. (NOTE: This is a separately ticketed event and does not require an ECCC ticket. Tickets are sold separately for $35+ here. )

Saturday August 20

Our Flag Means Death Cast Q&A –  Con O’neil, Nathan Foad, and Kristian Nairn come together, ready to answer all your questions! (Main Stage 11:15am-12:15pm)

Phil Lamarr Spotlight – Phil Lamarr talks about his favorite roles. (SCC 611-614 12:45pm-1:45pm)

A Green Arrow History of Seattle – Seattle’s history is discussed and followed along in the fictional version of the city written in the Green Arrow comics of the 2010s. ( SCC 303 2:15pm-3:15pm)

Doctor Who Panel with Chris Eccleston – Chris Eccleston is back at ECCC. The panel topic has yet to be posted, but will likely include a Q&A. (Main stage 2:45pm-3:45pm)

The Mummy Reunion – Brendan Fraser and Oded Fehr team up to discuss how this classic film has changed lives of the people around them. ( Main Stage 4:15pm-5:15pm)

Sunday August 21

Pinky and the Brain – Voice talent will discuss the iconic WB show Pinky and the Brain.

Convention Horror Stories, an ECCC Tradition – Jim Zub takes the stage again with some crazy convention stories. This event is 16+ because course language is guaranteed. (AA Stage (SCC 618-620) 12:30pm-1:30pm)

From the Everyday to the Extraordinary: Adventures for Kids) – This kid-friendly panel explores work on children’s shows such as Black Panther Legends and Bo-Bo and Pup-Pup. Perfect way to wrap up the weekend with your kiddos! (Writer’s Room (SCC 602-604) 2pm-3pm)

ECCC also has show guides available, including advice for your first con, those who feel overwhelmed, and if you’re bringing kids.

It’s certainly going to be an exhausting weekend, but I’m stoked to be back repping TGON and meeting all of Seattle’s nerds! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, and stop me for a pic if you see the TGON logo – you may just end up on our social media!