Welcome to the first installment of my attempts to guess what will be shown at each press conference this E3 based on solid news and some speculations. EA is first up as they’ve also decided to be the first in terms of press conferences. A shocking Saturday event, which to my knowledge has never happened at E3 before. Bethesda started the Sunday shows two years ago, but there hasn’t been much activity on Saturday. It’s fine by me though, just means more time to see more games! Well, let’s get started.

Obvious Stuff:

Star Wars


Source: Star Wars Battlefront II EA Games

EA is really going HEAVY on the Star Wars train and how can you blame them? Building up on The Last Jedi hype train is Battlefront II. With the 2015 reboot focusing on the original trilogy, this entry will target the prequels as well as the new trilogy with some guaranteed first looks at events and locations from The Last Jedi. I’ll admit, I liked the first Battlefront, but it didn’t have enough to engage me, which is why I’m glad they are actually incorporating a story mode in this one. A story mode that is 100% canon to boot and stems 30 years of the Star Wars timeline! It has already been confirmed that the Battlefront II section of EA’s conference will show a 40-player Battle of Naboo from Phantom Menace. As long as I can see Jar Jar get murdered, I’ll be satisfied with that.

In other Star Wars news, EA also has Visceral Games and Respawn Entertainment working on the franchise alongside Battlefront II. I don’t know if we’ll see or hear anything about those two projects this year, but we could maybe get some concept art or more of an idea on what they’ll actually be?



Source: BioWare

Yeah,  Bioware had a mixed 2016 with the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hear more about it here in the form of DLC. Hopefully some good, solid story DLC, but I could expect some multiplayer stuff as well. That’s not the big news about Bioware, however, as the main studio has been working on a secret project for quite some time and I feel this may finally be time for it to show up. All we know currently is that the codename is Dylan and it is said to be a game akin things like Destiny and The Division. So expect a MMO RPG based on the comparison to those two games, which…kinda sounds alright.

I feel like it’s too soon to hear anything about a Dragon Age sequel, though it’d be cool to be wrong!

Need For Speed: Payback


Source: Need for Speed Payback EA Games

So EA already released a trailer for the next Need For Speed, but I suspect we’ll be getting a little more at the actual press conference in terms of gameplay. We know from the trailer that this seems to be a more cinematic game, similar to how Need For Speed: The Run operated and the story sounds like something I’d expect Vin Diesel and The Rock to be a part of, but whatever. I enjoy racing games from time to time, but I just wish EA would make another Burnout



Source: FIFA EA Sports

You know, the most boring part of every E3 press conference ever? We’re gonna hear all about the latest in sports games with FIFA 18Madden NFL 18, NBA Live 18, NHL 18, EA UFC 3, and Rory McIlory PGA Tour 18! I wonder who will be the actual sports team member that they bring out this time to talk or demonstrate something about one of the games?

Possible Stuff:

The Sims


Source: The Sims

It’s been awhile since the last Sims title. They’re typically supported with loads of expansion packs throughout the years that follow, but I believe it’s time for a proper sequel to come along in The Sims 5. But it also could easily be another expansion. Or just nothing! Who knows! That’s why I have it in the possible section.



Source: Battlefield 1

Now that it seems Battlefield and Battlefront switch off years with each other, I’m not expecting an announcement of whatever era Battlefield heads to next, but I’m sure we might get a look at some of the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 1. I’ve fallen out of the game, so I’m not even sure which DLCs are out and how many are left, but I’m sure there’s something.

EA Originals


Source: EA

EA introduced this last year at E3 as a way to support indie games. Fe is the only one I actually remember as it took up an ungodly amount of time in the conference for some reason, so I don’t really recall if there were any other things shown! Sea of Solitude was a game picked up by EA that looks a lot like it’d fall into this category though, so I could imagine we’ll see a very long gameplay video on that this year.

Shot In The Dark:

Skate 4


Source: Skatey

I’m pretty sure EA said that there are currently no plans for Skate to come back and I also imagine Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5‘s awful comeback made them stick to their decision, but I can dream, can’t I? I used to be the biggest THPS fan back in the day, but I feel the decline in quality was apparent after a point and Skate came in at the PERFECT time to cheer me up and it’s been missed.

Army of Two…4


Source: Army of Two

Lol no, The Devil’s Cartel most likely killed this franchise, BUT you never know.


And that’s all on my guesses. Following the order of the press conferences, I’ll be doing Microsoft (The most interesting to me) next, so stay tuned to that!