Promoting the Bob’s Burgers movie that was so well received by fans, San Diego Comic Con hosted its very own “restaurant” handing out free burgers to con-goers. Although it didn’t heal the hurt that was felt when the panel was canceled, it sure did have fans drooling over their complimentary treats. 

2022 SDCC Bob's Burgers
via Laughing Place

Of course, the Burger of the Day’s name had to have a classic Bob-like pun: The Comic-Con You Even Believe It’s a Free Burger? Burger. IGN got to try the burger and seemed pretty impressed, so we know it had to be good! While the burger itself looked like a standard hole-in-the-wall burger, you can’t deny they put in a lot of work to recreate the show enough to give an authentic, if crowded, noisy, vibe. 

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