Some story elements have been released for the upcoming game Life Is Strange, developed by DONTNOD and Square Enix.

Story details below!

The story follows two high school seniors Max and Chloe, who began walking their separate paths as Max moved away from the town. The same year Max left, Chloe’s father also died, which didn’t exactly ease her pain at all. Five years later, Max returns to her former hometown and wants to see Chloe again. For Max’s surprise, she doesn’t find the same Chloe she knew before. They have grown apart from each other and become two different people who just share the same history.

As said, Chloe has changed a lot. Losing her friend when she most needed her and father’s dead in such a young age did really hurt her. As part of her healing progress, Chloe has tried to find her place in this world—a world which has made her quite a rebellious teenager through “normal” people’s eyes. When seeing her blue hair, her room walls covered with posters and texts, you can just try to analyze what kind of person she truly is. Previews reveal that she doesn’t really have a good relationship with her stepfather and occasional smoking joints in her room doesn’t really help it.

These two girls are quite a pair since Max is far from society’s definition of “normal” as well. She possesses an ability to control time and thus she carries quite a responsibility. For example, when Chloe’s stepfather finds her smoking in her room again, Max can undo these events and prevent the fight from happening. In another scene, where Max drops and breaks one of Chloe’s dear items, she can rewind time and avoid it from breaking again. Changing time also changes the course of the future and it always leads to different kinds of events.

What would have happened if Max didn’t undo the fight or breaking of the item? Could it have made her and Chloe’s relationship even more complicated or perhaps deepen it eventually? Who knows, this item could have been a gift from Max that Chloe has kept save over the years and the frustration Chloe gets when Max break it, would show how much Chloe still values it? What if it didn’t break? Would Max even thought such a thing?