The yearly geekstravaganza has the power!

You know you’re in for a treat when Kevin Smith is your panel host. Smith has always been such an enthusiastic pillar of comic book culture who would be a great pick to host just about any panel at the con. With Masters of the Universe being a passion project of his, Smith opened with a little anecdote about He-man being a beacon of hope to the little wimpy kids of the world. I felt this sentiment as I grew up a scrawny child with a large head. So if Prince Adam could become a brave and jacked hero, so too could a little baby bird-like child such as myself.

Joining Smith were Mattel’s Dan Eardley, Rob David, and Derek Handy. Eardley dropped two exclusive playsets that instantly ignited the burning ire of non-present collectors. Needless to say, one is Castle Grayskull, complete with lights and sounds and all sorts of things that tinge my inner child with vicious jealousy. Then there was a playset of literally Eternia with a train and pretty much everything you could think of. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Joining them were the voices of Andra (Tiffany Smith) and Battlecat (Stephen Root). Joining them was He-Man in the freaking flesh, Dolph Lundgren! They debuted the trailer for season 3 of MotU and gave a sneak peek at “I, Skeletor,” a Skeletor autobiography which I am totally here for.

Property of Netflix

The panel ended with the panelists speaking about their experiences with the franchise and Kevin Smith messing with Ivan Drago, I mean, Dolph Lundgren. William Shatner then came out and held a sword up, confirming his involvement in an unnamed voice role and melting minds all over the place.

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