Source: BitCraft Official Website

BitCraft is an “upcoming MMORPG that takes place in a procedurally generated sandbox world”. The game focuses on skills such as crafting, economics, cultivation, and city building. In the nature of it being a sandbox game, BitCraft doesn’t have a traditional set of classes. Instead, players can practice the skills they like. There are no set skill trees, classes, or professions. These skills surround crafting, farming, fishing, and more. Players are also able to test their skills in building and infrastructure.

But your kind is not the first to settle here. Through exploring, discover the ruins of others, as well as ancient technology to advance your towns and cities. Over time, discover civilizations that once were, and learn to make yours stand through tests of time.

What Makes BitCraft Different from Other MMORPGs/Sandbox Games?

Rather than following the traditional pattern of MMORPGs, players build their cities and towns in an untamed wilderness. There are no settlements; instead, it is down to the players to build civilizations. Whether it will be a bustling city of trade, a mountain fort, or a simple farming village is entirely up to the player.

Additionally, this game will be set in a “single massively procedurally generated world”. This is different from single-player hosted sandbox servers. This means players will all be together – be they friends or foes with one another.

The game has been described as a “deeply social and strategic game”, as the ones to forge alliances or enemies with are all other players. Unite cities, establish trade, and conquer the wilderness of this new world together.

Source: BitCraft Official Website

BitCraft has not yet got an official release date. If you’re curious about more information surrounding the game, you can look at the official website. Interested? Check out the trailer below:

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