Hey guys! welcome back to another TGON Plays! Over the course of the next few weeks we’re going to discuss an interesting gaming series known as Farcry. Honest moment here: Farcry 1 & 2 mean pretty much nothing to me. I started this franchise on Farcry 3 and I’m perfectly okay with that. So here we go!

Jason Brody was a relatively normal rich kid. He, his older brother Grant, hi younger brother Riley, and their girlfriends took a trip to Bangkok to celebrate Riley getting his pilot’s license. But after skydiving, they land on a war-torn island and become captive to a group of pirates. Their leader, Vaas, intends on consuming them, but when Jason and Grant attempt to escape, Grant gets murdered. Jason manages to gain his freedom, and with the help of the island natives, fights to free his friends. By the end of the game, the player is given two different options, both vastly different than the other, and I actually played the game through twice to see both ends and how they played out within the story-line.

Farcry 3 is open world, and as the natives help you, you must help them too. Throughout the islands are radio towers, and when you take these towers from the pirates, that portion of the map opens up. Doing this allows you to see the pirate-controlled outposts that you need to take over, as well as the animals you can hunt in the area. Hunting animals is vital to the game, as their skins allow you to craft things like larger ammo containers, more weapon holsters, and larger wallets – meaning you can hold more money. You can play the game using stealth, (My preferred form of attack.) or you can just bust in guns blazin’. Though this game is fun, it has a lot of flaws and even saw a bit of controversy for its “white american male saves a foreign land again” storyline, but that’s another article entirely. Regardless, I did find this game fun and I’m going to give it a solid 3 out of 5 glasses. Play for yourself, see how you like it, and tune in next week for my review on Farcry 4! Thanks for reading!