Source: Spellcaster University | Official Steam Page

A World of Magic, Adventure and Janitors

Spellcaster University is a management sim in which you are the head teacher of a magic school. You build the school, manage the finances, and can also adjust the curriculum to what you want it to be. Will you work on black magic, using necromancy to rise to infamy? Or will you harness the power of nature with druidcraft? Perhaps even you’ll be closed down by the education police. This game can be played in a variety of ways, depending on how the player wants to build their school.

Schools of magic, and how the university is built, is dependent on decks. The Deck of Light provides more caring responsibilities, the Deck of Nature provides access to magic beasts, and the Alchemy Deck provides mana and potions. There is also the Shadow Deck, for some less above board techniques, and the Arcane Deck to defy reality.

Source: Spellcaster University | Official Steam Page

Players also can fully customize their schools with a variety of magical items, creatures and rooms. From mighty dragons to dungeons for troublesome students, players have full control over the happenings of their school. Players can also choose what rules to implement, as well as what students are even accepted.

Watching Them Bloom, or Boom

Depending on the academic successes and experience of students, players can see what happens to them once they graduate. Careers can range between unicorn tamers, necromancers, or peasants. The success of students will help the school unlock additional bonuses. That is as long as the students don’t end up eaten or lost in the school.

Source: Spellcaster University | Official Steam Page

As tempting as it may be for players to challenge their students, it is important that they graduate – as darker things lurk on the horizon.

Adventuring, Allies and Attacks

With great power, comes great responsibility. Players don’t just have to manage the university, but also the world outside. There are the orcs, the king, and the Adventurers Guild who are willing to help – but just as many that want to see your downfall. The Dark King could be planning an attack at any moment, and the witch hunters may be knocking at your door. It isn’t just appealing to your students, but the world, to continue your successes.

Other Magical Features Include:

  • Choose the location of your school – from forests, to lakes, to the back of a giant turtle. Every location has their pros and cons.
  • Every choice has long term and short term consequences. Think carefully about your decisions and what can happen as a result.
  • Collect powerful artifacts to protect yourself and your school against the darkness.

This game from Sneaky Yak Studios and WhisperGames is available on Steam. You can check out the trailer here:

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