Gamers of World of Warcraft don’t stop arguing: which quest to choose, which race or location is better. Dungeons are one of the most hotly debated topics. Some of them are considered the best, others are simply hated and avoided.

As a rule, a whole team plays in the dungeon, so the impressions can vary greatly. Here’s our take on the best and worst dungeons in the original World of Warcraft.

5 Most Appreciated Dungeons 


Goblins, thieves, strange ominous caves – you will meet all this in the Deadmines. And while the pattern of this dungeon is simple, it’s the little things that intrigue here, namely the unique concepts like the entrance. The entrance to this vast underground cavern is a small cottage that serves as a hidden hideout for robbers.

The tunnel beneath finally leads to a secret cove with a pirate ship, a nod to The Goonies’ classic moment. Lower-level dungeons are rather dull because they are the initial interactions the player has and are intended to prepare gamers for future adventures.


Troll ruins are always awesome to explore. The entire dungeon is basically a vast open room, thus getting lost is nearly impossible.

There are many bosses, as well as a variety of goals ranging from gathering things to defeating a band of opponents. The menacing, unnerving tune of the snake charmer’s flute, utterly distinct and well-remembered, dominates in the background.


The Scarlet Monastery is perfect for characters level 35-40. All in all, this is the first dungeon that shows novice gamers what the game is like at higher levels. It’s massive, with tons of riches and interesting adventures.

The Monastery is separated into four distinct sections, each with its own level, theme, and monster. While the dungeon is in Horde beginner territory, Alliance players may enter it reasonably easily if they don’t mind trekking through Silverpine Forest.


This dungeon is a real diamond. This is one of the largest, most detailed, and complex locations in the game.

In general, there are several tasks here, one of which can only be obtained outside the dungeon if you die, as well as the famous quests to save the beautiful princess. Players always respond positively to Blackrock Depths, although it is really addictive. According to them, you can spend a huge amount of time there, and not regret it, because the memories of the completed missions are always the warmest.


This is the pure spirit of the classic RPG. The location is on the edge of a mysterious forest, which in turn is located on a steep hillside. It even has the tallest tower with a magician on top! Well, why not a classic?

There is a myriad of quests available here, many of which are part of longer chains and bring generous loot. Moreover, this location is famous for its cool drops. These are mainly weapons for magic classes or useful equipment.

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The most hated dungeons


We’re not really sure which is worse: a thorny thicket above or a glorified pigsty underneath. This dungeon is tedious, perplexing, and, worst of all, difficult to access, even for boosted Horde players. Everything here looks the same, making navigation impossible, and one of the few objectives requires you to gather bat feces. This isn’t a joke. It’s a good thing monitors don’t smell.


Immediately after the release, the location became perhaps the most sinister dungeon in World of Warcraft. But really, it’s just a terrible experience. Here most of the time is spent waiting for something. This can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to level up WoW’s alts on restarts. The respawn time is slow, which adds to the frustration, and nothing that happens inside the dungeon is truly worthwhile.


Gnomeregan is usually often at the top of a list of the most hated dungeons. There isn’t much loot here and an irritating yellow and blue color scheme.

There are also a few tasks here, and the equipment discovered is beneficial to any engineer in the group. Gnomeregan is deep in Alliance territory, although Horde players may reach there by completing the relevant questline and using goblin transportation.


It’s annoying for a number of reasons. First of all, Dire Maul is remote, it’s extremely long, and it’s full of mobs that can deteriorate the party. What makes it even worse is that Dire Maul is pretty boring, which is why so many players choose to avoid it.


To be honest, it’s not the dungeon itself that’s annoying, but its inconvenient location. That is, you need to wade through a dangerous swamp, and this does not compensate for anything. Also known as the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, this dungeon lives up to its name by almost reaching the bottom. Unless you’re an herbalist or just want to play through Stranglethorn and the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms for fun, the Swamp of Sorrows is nothing special.

Designers appear to overdo everything as it’s a senselessly complicated collection of dispersed staircases and passageways. Almost every area appears to be the same, and the repulsive green-brown color scheme just adds to the misery. 

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