Going Under is a satirical dungeon crawler about failed tech startups. Players take the role of Jaqueline, an unpaid marketing intern for the company Fizzle. However, “marketing” involves fighting monsters. Beat your way to the boss with pencils, potted plants, and other office appliances. Failed start-ups become dungeons that you must clear. Beat their bosses, claim their assets, and help your boss be better at their job.

Working Flexibly, Literally

One of the perks of the game involves how everything (yes, everything) can be used as a weapon. Office chairs, laptops, phones, pencils – everything you would find naturally in an office are all potential weapons. But then there are also battle maces, potted plants, body pillows. Whatever you grab becomes the difference between victory and defeat.

Dungeons are never the same when entered, either. Each time you go below to fight off fiends, the layout, items, and monsters will all change. Additionally, the different skills you find and grab will also change. Skills can range from electrocuting enemies to extra health or just having a dog help you find useful items.

Other Features Include:

  • A story that progresses regardless of your progress in dungeons.
  • An engaging narrative surrounding start-ups, companies, and less-than-appropriate business strategies.
  • Different engaging and colorful characters, all with unique personalities.
  • A bright and colorful world full of humor.
  • Soundtracks that are relaxing to listen to, even when being teamed up against by monsters.

Going Under is available on PC, Xbox, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The official website is available here. If interested, check out the trailer below:

What are your thoughts on Going Under? Will you be trying out this game? Let us know in the comments!