Battle Balls

Battle Balls is a new competitive multiplayer online game. As a ball, you roll around the stage collecting pow:er orbs to grow bigger and to use your special abilities such as spikes, teleport or jump. Using the left and right side of the screen to steer, the objective is to get big and roll over other players! Winning and crushing your opponents earn you supply caches filled with coins and cards to upgrade your abilities. This is one of those games that you play for 10 minutes, only to realize that you’ve been playing for 45 mins. Currently, only “Unreleased” version is available on Google Play for free.

Massive Warfare – Aftermath

Who doesn’t like a little tank action? MW-A is a fast paced heavy machinery war game, complete with specials, guns and explosives. Timing and maneuvering through the course is everything when attempting to destroy other players. After reaching higher levels, you unlock more combat vehicles and weaponry; taking the battle by air, land or sea! This game is still fairly new so expect a lot of updates in the near future that will take this game to the next level of Tankness.

Titanfall: Assault

Respawn, Particle City and Nexon M Inc. brings one of my favorite shooters to mobile, but the difference is that it’s more of a strategy game than shooter. Using what we already have with card-tower defense-MoBA type games like Clash Royal and Chaos Battle League, Titanfall: Assault brings what we love most about the name, Titan falls, “Standby for Titanfall”! When you call upon your Titan in the middle of a heated battle to fight aside your pilots and grunts, it could mean inevitable victory. Much like Titanfall 2 for console, Titanfall: Assault has more than one different kind of Titan that you can use throughout the match. If you’re a fan of Titanfall and MoBAs, this real-time multiplayer mobile game is a great time waster.