I’ve kicked around the idea of going to digital comics for a few years now and I’ve always held back on going through with it for one reason or another. I’ve been fully digital for about two weeks now and I don’t see how I didn’t do this sooner. The pros 100% outweigh the very few cons it has. I know a lot of people are having the same issue, so I’m here to lay down a few positives to leaving behind the long boxes and grabbing a Kindle or iPad to enjoy my weekly books.

Save space and time organizing a bunch of comics:

  • I don’t have nearly as many comics as some people, but I have a pretty decent sized collection of close to a thousand single issues on top of a few dozen trade paperbacks. This doesn’t seem like much but man, after a while it starts to overtake your house and at this point, I have a closet full of boxes packed to the gills with comics and it was starting to be too much. Having everything in one central location like an iPad cuts down on having to buy storage supplies and spend hours organizing things when it’s all done for you. The convenience of having my comics before I wake up is great, especially when I write the Pull the same day. Not having to cart my kids around to my local comic shop is a HUGE plus.

You can still support comic shops with digital storefronts:

  • Aside from space, supporting small business was my main gripe with going digital. I love small comic shops and I think they’re very important to new readers so I didn’t want to be the reason local business sales were falling. I came across a handful of digital stores that were ran by brick and mortar shops across the country and landed on the Comics Conspiracy webstore. I’ve been listening to their podcast for almost 4 years now and they’ve always advertised their digital storefront, so it seemed like an appropriate fit. I still get my comics and a small business gets a chunk of the sale from Comixology. It’s a win win.

The sales and discounts that Comixology offers:

  • Man, every week Comixology rolls out MASSIVE sales on just about anything you could possibly want and with their Comixology Unlimited service you pay a small fee and are given so much in return. I’ve been able to buy trades for $4.99 that would normally cost sometimes triple that before taxes. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to shop around and read something new without having to drop a ton of money on it. They’re currently running a sale on all of the Dragon Ball titles so I’ve been stocking up over the past few weeks.

An unlimited resource of new and old comics at affordable prices:

  • I hate the term “hot book” and I really dislike the after market selling of comics for inflated prices and that is completely eliminated on the digital market. For example, I’ve wanted to read Gotham Noir for a few years now but I had a hard time justifying the $30 price tag that I saw on ebay for a single issue. Since going digital, I can pay $5 and read it 5 seconds later rather than waiting for it in the mail. Comixology is a massive library that stretches all the way from the Big 2 into the indies and even manga. It’s a limitless supply of new comics and old comics that isn’t matched by anyone else. Plus, I can read my comics on any device that supports Comixology. So when I’m sitting in the car waiting to pick my daughter up from school, best believe I’m sitting in there reading the latest issue of Captain America!

Digital comics aren’t for everyone and I completely get that. Half the fun of comic collecting is digging through random boxes in new shops, visiting your neighborhood store every week to pick up your pull list but it’s a great alternative for those of us who can’t do that all the time but still wish to keep up with our books.