For this part of the season every character should be afraid. Fear has shown that they have no problem making any of the characters stand out, and sometimes alone this season, but sadly, for some, that has also meant their downfall. In Sonny Boy, it’s John Dorie Sr’s time to shine. He is talking with June to try to convince her that the best way to get changes in the tower is if he can get in Strand’s ear instead of Howard. June doesn’t agree that it is going to work but he insists he will try.

Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr. – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

In other areas of the tower some of the people have started a type of uprising, and Strand and Howard have been finding people with a walkie talkie in their stuff, and in an attempt to try to stop an uprising they just throw them over the edge of the tower. Interestingly enough, Howard is then found to have a walkie in his possession and it flips things upside down. John takes this as an opportunity to try to get into Strands ear.

With this, Howard has lost all of Strand’s trust with this and Strand wants him thrown over the edge, before this happens a phone call makes comes in, and John answers it and it’s to report that baby Mo is missing! Howard uses this as an opportunity to say he was framed, and he will find baby Mo to prove he can be trusted. Strand gives him the chance, but also tells John he wants him to find the baby. One because he still can’t quite trust Howard, and two to double his odds of the baby turning up. John knows this is his real chance to get into Strands ear so he starts interrogating people. Everyone acts like they don’t know anything, but it’s pretty obvious that June is involved because she has wet muddy shoes, and someone who is supposed to be trapped inside a tower that is a big red flag.

Sure enough, June tries to escape with baby Mo through the tunnel but not before John catches up to her. The tunnel has some standing water, and on other side of the fence is filled with walkers. June insists she can get through, but the area gets flooded, knocks them off their feet and gets the walkers in with them. John wants to get to Strand to continue his mission, and finally convinces June to call who has been helping her to come and rescue them, when Strand, Howard and others catch up to them. A short time later, Strand, some goons, Howard and John are on the roof, Howard says he promised to find Mo and he delivered, Strand says he didn’t find her, John did. And that he still can’t trust Howard, who insists again he was set up. Strand wants John to throw Howard over who doesn’t want to do it, Howard pleads his case again and John said Howard is telling the truth because he planted the walkie on him. Strand loves that he went to such lengths to get a chance to talk to him, and that shows he is invested so he tells John if he does what he asks he gets to take Howard’s spot.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr. – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

So conflicted, John does it thinking it’s the best for him and all in the tower. Strand tells him he can move in immediately into Howard’s old apartment, so he does. John looks around at all the things inside, and notices some alcohol, so he drinks and drinks and drinks. Strand comes down to see how he is settling in, and when Strand has his back turned he takes the opportunity to knock out Strand, pick up some armor and contacts Morgan. He gets the baby, and gears up in some old knight gear and heads into the walker storm to handoff the baby to Morgan. It is a slow walk, and he eventually gets to where Morgan is, which is at the platform at the edge of the parking lot, hands off the baby, and shows Morgan that he can’t go on as he was bit on the shoulder. John turns back to the horde and says he will buy them time to escape. Strand meanwhile gets Wes to volunteer to be his new right hand man, he sets up a big antenna and walkie’s to Morgan that he might have won the battle but he won’t win the war, and if he tries to come in again he will kill all his friends inside.