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Richard Brown and his Committee of Safety arrive to arrest Claire for murder. However, due to the rising political tensions in the colonies, Brown’s plan to find a judge for a trial did not go as expected.

Being that Season 6 was shorter, I thought this episode did a great job at continuing the story of Claire being accused of murder but also setting up for what’s to come for the next season. I also loved that this episode didn’t feel rushed. Instead, it let the story breathe, and we got to spend a lot of time with our main characters.

Jamie & Claire:

I was glad that we got a super centric Jamie and Claire episode. I got feelings again like I was watching them at the beginning of the series because even though they were going through a tumultuous time like we’ve seen them go through before, we stuck with them through almost all of the journey.

Seeing Claire fight for her life made me proud of how far she’s come because we went from Claire having a panic attack from stabbing a soldier in Season 1 to being confident in killing several men with a gun. It was nice to see that Claire could hang in there with Jamie and fight for their freedom.

Since the men were shooting at their home, Claire thought that maybe the men would set their house on fire. Jamie agreed, and Claire made a good point about the obituary about them dying in a house fire. Unfortunately, the timing was wrong, but it made me wonder at first. Thankfully, the Browns didn’t light the house on fire, but it did make me wonder about the future for the Frasers. Will they go back to their home or settle somewhere new?

We got a lot of intimate moments between Jamie and Claire, and that also gave me a lot of nostalgia. They had some humorous, sweet conversations while waiting for the Browns to return, but their sex scene was finally on point because it wasn’t rushed, and it’s the most intimate I’ve seen the characters be in a long time. Filming-wise, it felt nostalgic because, again, they took their time with the sex scene and reverted to showing more than usual, and I appreciated that. This was a moment when Jamie and Claire didn’t know what was going to happen to them after that night, and this moment reassured them that they would go through this horrific moment together. It wasn’t the same old sex scene we’d seen time after time, but more like something we’d see from the first couple of seasons. That they truly loved each other and had that deep chemistry. I applaud the show for finally showing us that again.

I was surprised that Jamie and Claire turned themselves in, but it was interesting that they felt safe being followed by Tom Christie. He let them know that he would make sure they’d get to their location safely. That was a little confusing to me as the episode went along because these two were being accused of doing horrible things to Malva, Tom’s daughter. And yet, he wasn’t being a savage like Richard Brown. Maybe because he is a religious man, he thought that, yes, these two may have harmed my daughter, but they would get to the trial safely before they were hanged for their crimes. But Jamie saw Tom staring at Claire at the camp, and it lingered too long. Was he turning over a new leaf and feeling bad for Claire? I couldn’t quite understand what was going on in Tom’s head. It was really out of character for him.

Poor Jamie and Claire went through the wringer while on their journey. The whole state was hearing about the witch who killed an innocent girl, and they both got stoned. We see that Ian had followed the Frasers, hoping to save them, which made me happy, but when Jamie gets tricked into getting out of the wagon, it was such a typical Outlander thing to do. Separate the two, and have Claire taken to Wilmington alone. Thankfully, Tom decided to stay with her, but she got put into that nasty jail. The same jail that our other fellow time-traveler, Wendigo Donner, is stuck in. Wonder if they will cross paths again. As for Jamie, he was about to be taken back to Scotland, but Ian and the Native Americans saved the day. Glad that they’re still on Jamie’s side. We got the cliffhanger, where Jamie is off to find Claire, so that will begin our journey into Season 7.

Roger and Bree:

We got some moments with Roger, Bree, and Jemmy, and surprisingly, I found them sweet. They are slowly growing on me, and it’s nice to see that Roger and Bree are getting along and not constantly fighting like in previous seasons. They’ve become a family unit, and they became even more so in this episode.

I liked the talk that Roger and Bree had about telling Jemmy about time traveling and the stones. I never even thought about the fact that Jemmy would have to know that he and his parent’s time traveled and that he’s not supposed to be from his current time. When the time comes, that will be an interesting conversation.

We got to see Roger and Bree have an intimate moment, which we rarely see anymore, and it took me by surprise. I guess since Jamie and Claire had their moment, they might as well have one for Roger and Bree. It was a little awkward knowing that they were having sex right next to Jemmy’s tent, but at least it was another more authentic moment.

We see that Jemmy gets lice, and after cutting his hair, Bree notices a birthmark on Jemmy’s head. She’s concerned, but Roger says he has the same one. The realization that Jemmy is Roger’s son was so sweet. I thought for sure that Jemmy was Stephen Bonnet’s son, but what a twist. Nice to know that Roger is the father. The only thing that has bothered me, though, is that Jemmy has blonde hair in the show. In the books, he has red hair to show the resemblance to Jamie and Bree, so even though we know now that Roger is the father, I can’t help but think of Stephen Bonnet when I see Jemmy because of the blonde hair.

Season 6 had its ups and downs, but as a whole, it was one of the better seasons. The drama with the Christie’s was intriguing. Jamie and Claire had great moments together and grew even more as a couple. We even got some character development with the minor characters. I like that we’re moving away from the Ridge at the beginning of Season 7 since Claire has been taken. I think a change of scenery will make the show fresher and take us in a new direction since so much destruction has taken place at the Fraser’s home.