This side of TGON is no stranger to Critical Role and eagerly awaited the Red Nose Day event back in 2019. Stephen Colbert and Matthew Mercer teamed up to recover the Crimson Sphere of Generosity. However, the gang is back together in 2022, including three members of the Mighty Nein, Nott, Yasha, and Beau.

red nose day
Source: Critical Role’s Website


Cast MemberRole
Matthew MercerDungeon Master
Stephen ColbertLucky Jack
Marisha RayBeauregard Lionett
Sam RiegelNott the Brave
Yasha NydoorinAshley Johnson
This is a table of the players and their characters’ names.

The Story

As a young man, Lucky Jack was taken in as an acolyte to the temple of Arioch, Duke of Chaos, in Bladegarden. Here, he took a shine to fighting and vowed to protect the temple. In addition, this vow of protection also extended to a holy relic. It is known as the “Spirit of Virtue,” also referred to as “Dignity.” However, one day the temple was attacked, and Dignity was stolen. Beaten and battered, Lucky Jack had no other option but to track down the evil woman who spearheaded this attack. Luckily, he ran into three adventurers who banded together to aid him on his quest.


Colbert is an utter delight to watch in this format. Watching him listen to Mercer describe a scene and seeing his face light up in childlike wonder is a sight to behold. This was something I noticed during their first Red Nose Day event, but it was even more noticeable this time around. It was also excellent to see the addition of other players this go around. Nott brought some tremendous comedic relief while Yasha and Beau kicked ass and took some names. Overall, this one-shot was one of my favorites, and I highly recommend it.

Odds and Ends

If you missed the live stream, fear not! It is available on Twitch and YouTube. In addition, if you would like to donate to support Red Nose Day, head over to the Critical Role Foundation or Red Nose Day websites.