Stephen Colbert, The Late Show, is known for his comedy and his politics. He is a beacon of hope for what seems like a dark time and it’s always great to sneak a peek into the lives of our favorite celebrities. Turns out Colbert was a nerd, as many of us during his teen years and indulged in the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. For Red Nose Day, Colbert joined forces with legendary DM Mathew Mercer, Critical Role, on a quest to find the Crimson Sphere of Generosity.

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For many individuals Red Nose Day is simply known as the day people take selfies wearing clown noses however, it’s much more than that. It aims to end childhood poverty, via programs that promote the overall wellbeing of children. Basically, they, Comedic Relief, Inc., want to help children be healthy, safe, and educated. This allows well-known celebrities to utilize their star power to get the community involved. This can be done by means of volunteering or donating at one’s local Walgreens or the Red Nose Day website. This campaign has raised over $150 million since 2017 and has positively impacted the lives of millions of children worldwide. Those who donated were able to vote on Colbert’s character class, buddy, the crazy legendary weapon he could find and the evil villain he’d need to smite. Let’s just say, fans were not left disappointed.


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As a warning now, there are spoilers from here on out! If you haven’t watched this event please come back later!

Capo and his vibrant bee companion Eric reside on the Menagerie Coast studying lore in their spare time. They caught wind of a tale of the Crimson Sphere of Generosity and the disappearance of tourists causing them to venture through the dense forest of the Plumgroves. Once he set foot into the wooded area, a giant undead panther leaped in the air and tackled the poor bard. After a quick tussle and a thunderous force, our dynamic duo found an entrance to a secret cavern.


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Upon entering the cavern, Capo spotted two stone imps. Quick thinking and an expertly thrown rock got rid of one while extreme dexterity allowed him to jump over the ray of acarine energy that spewed out of the second one. With time being of the essence, Capo and Eric quickened their pace and found themselves attacked by a dozen mites that appeared to be failed recreations of the Crimson Sphere of Generosity. This led them to the tomb of Shiona the Great, destroyer of Zathkira, the scientist that utilized captured individuals to extract their generosity thus creating the precious orb. After proving that Capo was pure of heart, she gifted him Exalting Blade of Favor AKA the ultimate hype man.

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With the blade in tow Capo and Eric made their way into the laboratory of Zathkira who overtime took the form of a lich. Utilizing his dashing good looks and charisma, Capo urged Zathkira to give him the stone. Battle quickly ensured as Eric attempted to sting the hideous lich but sadly lost his life in the process. Sadness overtook Capo as he became invisible and dashed for the exit, but he jolted to a stop when he recalled a bed filled with rags Eric had informed him about earlier. Keen perception aided him in finding a vile containing a small blue pulsating heart. Without hesitation, Capo reached for his newly acquired blade and smashed the vile to bits leaving the lich crumbling to his demise. In honor of his fallen brethren Eric, Capo now uses the Crimson Sphere of Generosity to bring joy across the Menagerie Coast and to children across Wildemount.

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I think my favorite part of this one-shot was Colbert’s demeanor. The excitement and pure joy radiated from him, this is how I imagine Jester feels when she sees a pastry with cinnamon in it btw, and I couldn’t help but smile. As he reminisced about his teen years the camera swiveled to Mercer and he too had this genuine grin from ear to ear. As a DM one usually needs to keep their cards close to their chest, so it was nice to see both individuals enjoying each other’s company in their shared love of D&D and desire to help children in need. Overall, I’d love to see Colbert free up a Thursday or two and join the Mighty Nein on their quest to spread goodness around their world. Perhaps he knows some lore on Uk’otoa (Uk’otoa)?


If you haven’t watched this one-shot yet, check it out right here!