I have gone to visit my non-Neighbours-watching family to deliver Easter eggs, so again I have to round the week up having only seen as far as Thursday. There’s been quite a lot going on though, so plenty to talk about.

The Rodwells Get Their Feet Under the Table

Roxy invites the Rodwells to her and Kyle’s leaving party and Wendy mentions having worked in pubs in the past. Not to be stereotypical in any way, but Wendy is the least pubby person who’s ever been on Neighbours. She has the vibe of someone who teaches pottery to children, I cannot fathom her behind the bar of the Waterhole at all, but it seems that’s where she’s destined to be.

After Roxy tells Terese of Wendy’s employment history, she’s offered a job without having to provide any evidence of her experience or references or any other things you’d have to provide in the real world. Presumably, Terese is just desperate to fill the vacancy with her barmaid leaving having only given about a day’s notice.

Photo: @Channel 5, Source: Digital Spy.

Goodbye Roxy and Kyle

I’m sad to see Roxy and Kyle go, they’re two of my favourites for a bit of comic relief, but there are some very sweet scenes as they leave the street. Kyle and Toadie attempt to style it out, but end up saying they love each other and having a big hug, which is one of my favourite moments of the week. Levi is in bits as they get ready to drive away, and Richie Morris gets the award of Crier of the Week for his tears, which looked extremely genuine. I’m skirting over the really lacklustre food fight at their leaving party, which is an odd way to mark their departure. Roxy and Kyle’s departure definitely feels like preparation for the end of the show and it has left me feeling quite sad.

Corey Shows Up

I suspected there was more to the London/Corey storyline than we’d seen, and sure enough, one of the least appealing English boys ever to grace our screens shows up in Harold’s as Harlow and Ned are having the first in a series of awkward encounters. I’m still convinced that Corey is part of The Order, but there’s no evidence of that just yet. What there is evidence of, however, is Ned and Harlow being jealous of Corey and Amy respectively, and Harlow winds up going for the classic ploy of trying to make Ned even more jealous by kissing Corey at the Waterhole, while an oblivious Amy hangs around Ned’s neck like a lovestruck scarf. This situation is not going to end well for Amy, and might leave her even more embarrassed than exposing her undercrackers at Montana’s soirée.

Mick and Dean Are Up to Something

David’s situation goes from bad to worse as he receives a demand for money in exchange for his terrible secret being kept under wraps. He still thinks Creepy Dean is behind the letter campaign, and his suspicions are heightened even further when he sees them together and then hears Mick on the phone, talking about how he’s about to come into some money. As awful (brilliant) as Mick is, I don’t think he’s got anything to do with the blackmail. The jury is out on Creepy Dean and his moustache though.

Paul is Scheming

Paul is snooping into Montana’s business because he can spot a fellow villain a mile off, as can we when they are dressed in an exclusively monochrome wardrobe. Honestly, Montana couldn’t have been more obviously a villain if she’d have turned up with a big hat on that said “EVIL” on it. She even has a comedy henchman in the form of Mick.

Paul discovers that Montana is on the brink of financial collapse, and she admits when he confronts her that she’s likely to be arrested. Rather than expose her, which I’ll admit is what I thought he might do, Paul tells her to continue with the fashion week event and use as much of Lassiters money as possible. He wants the event to be a huge failure, which will reflect terribly on Terese. He wants her out of the hotel, so he can get control of it back. The only place Paul belongs is in a waste disposal unit.

Karl Gets Conned

Somehow, Montana has managed to convince Karl, a man tighter than a duck’s butthole, to invest all of his money in her new cosmetics business, despite Susan having rejected the idea for being too risky and them having already piled a load of money into the tram. She must be a talented con artist to have got Karl to part with so much money, and it’s deliciously ironic that the street’s champion penny pincher is the one to get conned. I personally cannot wait for Susan to find out because she’s going to go absolutely supersonic, which is going to be incredibly entertaining. Remember how mad she was when he got really into couponing? It’s going to be that multiplied by a thousand.

Photo: @Channel 5, Source: Digital Spy.