Here is the list of the most anticipated movies, which we can’t wait to watch ourselves! Don’t miss the mouth-droppers of the cinematic universe.

What should a good movie have?

You can call a good movie – a work of art, but there is no doubt about that, and not all movies are equally good. There are a lot of factors that could affect the quality of the film, for example, the cast, the director, the script, the settings, and even the cinema premier day. That’s why it is often hard to pick a good movie. 

Even if everything is perfect in both production and post-production stages, you can fail easily in the distribution. You may ask “how?” if the most challenging part of the process is over.
A failed advertising campaign or the wrong choice of the genre can ruin everything. For example, those who love gambling-related movies would be unsatisfied if the film does not relate to gambling except in the title. They will look for the best online lottery sites because they are known as trusted sources of information.

So what movies are worth checking?

Since the list of movies can be very long and not all of them fit in this article, below are a few of the films that have had the best reviews from the public, which, unfortunately, do not have to coincide with the most awarded movies: 

– Morbius: this film starring Jared Leto tells the story of one of the most iconic characters in the Spider-Man universe, the vampire Morbius. It is a sci-fi movie with a special touch of horror, making it an excellent movie for fans of the genre. 

– Cyrano: Peter Dinklage, the actor who gained fame after appearing in the Game of Thrones series, plays the lead role in this movie, which tells the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, a 17th-century French novelist and playwright. In the opinion of Tony Sloterman – Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder Company, historical movies are the best because these movies are not only entertaining but also a way to learn many interesting things about past times. 

– Uncharted: Tom Holland does not stop starring in blockbusters, and after the Spider-Man movie, we can see him in Uncharted, the film inspired by the successful video game series that has achieved so many millions of sales over the past years. Action, drama, and some comedy make this movie a perfect choice for a fun afternoon. 

– Great Freedom: although we said we were not going to focus on awards, this Austrian film received the Giraldillo de Oro (Golden Giraldillo) at the Seville European Film Festival. The film tells the story of Hans and his relationship with Viktor, a man imprisoned for murder. 

– Azor: a quintessential drama that all genre lovers should see. There is nothing flashy about it, but the director has managed to generate a superb atmosphere of tension throughout the film, and anyone who enjoys this should see this film because it is well worth it.  

– Flee: the awards are unnecessary, but Flee has been nominated for Best Documentary, Best Animated Film and Best International Film. That is, it has made history. This film of Danish origin tells a story that deals with issues such as war, and violence through a true story of an Afghan refugee who lives in Denmark but tells his story through this animation to hide his true identity. 

The list could be much longer than shown here, but we would have an article too long and difficult to read. If you see these movies and want more, don’t hesitate to search the internet and read the opinion of critics about the different films released between last year and this one, because there are true works of art that you should not miss. Cinema is not only a way to be entertained; it is a way to express emotions and feelings and to tell stories. Watching movies is an activity that anyone should do regularly because, besides being an incredible source of entertainment, cinema educates us and makes us better people.