The 15th episode of the last season picked up fairly quickly after the last one ended. Hornsby, Daryl, and more soldiers arrive at the apartment complex to find out what happened to the team he dispatched and if they can find the supplies. Hornsby doesn’t believe the story that Gabriel and Aaron are pushing, that someone came through and killed everyone that was here and left them alive. Instead, he believes that the people must know Aaron and Gabriel, and that’s the reason they survived. So he wants to take everyone over to the Hilltop to investigate, but he pitches it as he should warn their friends that dangerous killers are on the loose. Hornsby asked Daryl what he thought of their story, and his response is they have been on the road awhile, and they know how to handle themselves.

Okea Eme-Akwari as Elijah, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

While Hornsby, soldiers, and company are walking to the Hilltop, they come across a handful of walkers. Hornsby insists that Aaron and Gabriel do it since he heard they can handle themselves and they need to save bullets. They look at each other and head off, with Daryl giving Hornsby a horrible look and going to help. The trio dispatches the walkers fairly quickly, and Daryl is still upset, but Hornsby moves on like nothing happened. At the Hilltop, Maggie doesn’t want to allow them inside, but Daryl gets to talk to Maggie and tells her to trust him that everything will be OK. With that, she lets them inside to look around to see if they can find any information to show they killed Hornsby’s men.

Hornsby thinks he figured them out by seeing a truck with some dirty wheels and said they found some tire tracks on the scene, and they know there aren’t many running vehicles. Hornbsy gets permission to see if he can get it started and finds something that needs to be hooked back up. He thinks this will get it started, but to his dismay, the truck wouldn’t start after this. Maggie tells them they have until sundown to leave since they didn’t find anything. A few minutes later, Hornsby tries to coax an answer from Hershel, seeing if he went on a trip, or getting him to admit something, which he doesn’t. Hornsby gives him a gift for being a good kid, in a hat, which he says he found at the scene, and shockingly enough, it’s a perfect fit. He puts his hand on Hershel’s shoulder when Elijah sees it and pins him against the wall. This creates a standoff, with Daryl and Maggie telling him that they haven’t found anything and it’s time to leave before anyone dies for a stupid reason. Hornsby wasn’t going to take everyone back to the Commonwealth. He wanted to keep hunting for the cargo and the killer when they got a lead on someone. The person they were tracking was Leah, the former Reaper. She shoots a couple of soldiers before Hornsby can convince her to listen to what he has to say. He says he wants to offer her a job!

 – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Back at the Commonwealth, Mercer and Princess have been getting very close. It’s obvious they are some sort of couple. Princess tries to get him to open up, but he is still pretty quiet and reserved. So Rosita and Eugene set up an early morning meeting with Connie and Kelly to tell them about what Sebastian is doing, by leading all those people to do errands for him. This triggers the sisters to pull out a list they were trying to piece together after hearing the name April who is in the last group of 10 or so names on the list. Rosita says the list is longer than what he sent into that house, so that it might be something bigger. Eugene says he might know someone who can help do some further digging.

Eugene goes and meets up with Max to try to tell her what is going on. Once she knows the Milton’s are involved, she is interested in helping but is interrupted by a room cleaner. Later she confronts her brother about what Sebastian was doing with people at the Commonwealth. They both seem to disagree on certain life principles. After having the conversation with her brother, she goes back to Eugene and is ready to help find and steal documents because it’s the right thing to do. Mercer, after his conversation with his sister, went to Princess and finally opened up, saying that, in no uncertain terms, a relationship was new to him. He has trouble opening up, but he tells her he is sorry for being standoffish in the morning. He also went on to say that he had certain guidelines he wouldn’t cross, but something happened, and he killed two of his men. But the thing that keeps him up all night, is that he would do it again, and that really messes with his head.

The last big thread is that Ezekiel wants to show Carol something he has been working on, but she is busy with her second job, which she won’t tell him about because she is afraid but says she will take a raincheck. Ezekiel next goes to Yumiko’s brother, who is a doctor, and tells him that he is in need of his help but somewhat off the books. He needs some supplies, and someone to perform surgery that only he can do. The doctor decides to take the risks but is stopped by a soldier on the way out with supplies in hand. Lucky for them, Carol’s new job has led to having some pull, and the soldiers kept them in a room quietly. Ezekiel convinces Carol to go with them to see what he has been working on.

He leads them all to the animals that Ezekiel has been taking care of, and in the back, the tarp says Veterinary. They are getting a little concerned about what is going on, but on the other side is a makeshift hospital and the person who needs appendix surgery. The duo is pretty impressed with what Ezekiel has been putting together, and the supplies will also be a big help. Finally. the doctor is able to do the surgery, and a quick emergency surgery after the first one had some issues, and great progress has been made.