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Video games have been existing for decades, providing entertainment for people. And this article covers 10 of the hardest games ever made.

1. Dark Souls

The Souls series from the Japanese company FromSoftware has gained fame due to its complexity. Even the most straightforward enemies can kill with one or two blows in this game, and only bonfires can save you. As a result, you will rush in search of them while you are being chased by crowds of bloodthirsty undead and harsh warriors. The amount of healing estus in the flask is limited, and traps and ambushes lie in wait at every step.

2. Bloodborne

The mechanics of Bloodborne resemble Dark Souls, but there are also significant differences: the pace is much higher here. You find yourself caught up in a frantic and aggressive fight with crowds of opponents with no way to retreat. Your Hunter has only melee weapons, an almost useless musket suitable only for evading enemy attacks, a coat, and a triangular hat.

The action dynamism is off the scale, the imagination of the developers who created monsters knows no bounds, and the level of the design is an absolute delight.

3. Demon’s Souls

Despite its considerable age, Demon’s Souls still looks attractive and fascinating. You take the role of a nameless warrior who must free a distant, fog-hidden kingdom from evil demons and an obsessed ruler.

There are only two save points at each level. The ability to heal is limited, enemies are strong, and they respawn after your deaths.

Dark ages, dragons, evil undead, and giant dangerous demons will appeal to fans of dark fantasy. 

4. Cuphead

It’s one of the most monstrously tricky games. You have to manage two cup-headed brothers who lost to the devil at the casino and are now forced to beat out debts from other poor fellows. However, the latter don’t intend to part with their souls, so it won’t be easy for the brothers to fulfill the mission.

To cope with fights here you will need a swift reaction, a full keyboard, and a lot of patience. If you make mistakes, the fight will have to start anew.

5. Dwarf Fortress

When you get used to Dwarf Fortress, you will see eternally drunk bearded dwarves with hammers and picks, trolls from underground caves, arrogant elves, vicious goblins, and fire-breathing dragons.

When the basics of management are mastered, the most interesting part will begin. You will have to build a mighty underground fortress in the distant wildlands with seven dwarves. The game world is generated randomly, and every time you will face new dangers. Dwarves can die of hunger and thirst if you don’t master farming and animal husbandry. And they can also be killed during a siege by goblins or undead led by necromancers.

6. Don’t Starve

Your first opponent is hunger. And it’s already not easy to cope with it. You can pick berries, but there are always a few of them. The prey is constantly slipping away during the hunt. There’s not enough food and firewood, and winter is near.

The arrangement of the camp, hunting and cooking, sewing clothes, and maintaining the fire – all need to be done simultaneously. As a result, you don’t have a minute to rest. Autumn is replaced by a cold winter, winter – by a wet spring, and that, in turn, by a scorching summer. Going through all the misfortunes, the character gradually slides into madness. But the scariest thing in Don’t Starve is the night. After all, in the dark, a cruel Charlie awaits you, and only fire can help you.

7. Sunless Sea

Somehow London was abducted by bats and taken underground. Now the city is located on an island, around which there’s a boundless underground ocean full of dangers. You are the captain of a ship exploring the depths.

Sunless Sea seems to be quite a relaxing and meditative game. But don’t let it fool you: the game is challenging, and few people will get to the final. You can become a victim of sea monsters or pirates, be attacked in the port, fail an essential mission, run out of fuel, and stay adrift at sea without light and the ability to reach the shore. Maybe you’ll go berserk and eat your team.

8. Salt and Sanctuary

Salt And Sanctuary looks good and has an attractive atmosphere. The locations are diverse, the bosses are unusual, the opponents are pretty complex. You’ll have to pay more attention to pumping and equipment: you will be able to defeat many enemies only with a specific build.

You’ll have to die as often as in Souls. It’s facilitated by powerful and complex bosses, which are extremely difficult to kill on the first attempt.

9. Super Meat Boy

This game is exceptionally harsh. The main character here is a piece of bleeding meat. The pace of Super Meat Boy is very high. You will run, slide, jump, and crawl, leaving bloody footprints everywhere. Any touch to a trap or an enemy kills. The character must get to his girlfriend, meeting spikes, saws, rockets, lava, and salt on the way to her.

10. Nioh

Nioh is set in 17th-century Japan. The character will have to learn how to handle a katana no worse than a real samurai to survive.

The battles in Nioh are such that you will need a lot of skills. Stands, fast, medium and strong punches, rolls and jerks – each opponent needs a particular tactic. In addition to brutal battles, Nioh has a good plot, atmospheric music, and attractive mythology.