As a millennial obsessed with The Office, anything with Steve Carell catches my eye. Space Force was no different. Alex wrote a lovely review on season one; however, I must admit I flat out loved the show. I loved seeing Lisa Kudrow again, and Ben Schwartz always gets a laugh out of me. Plus, my husband, that is hard to please when it comes to media, was also impressed. So, I see that as a win.

space force

Season One Cliff-Hanger

Season one of Space Force ended with the ragtag astronaut team reaching the moon. Upon landing, they see that a Chinese astronaut crew has taken over their original landing spot in the Sea of Tranquility. They also destroyed Neil Armstrong’s American flag with their rover. Naird (Carell) wanted to return the favor with more fun hijinks, like TPing their base. However, the American government wanted military action. After base sabotaging on both sides, the Chinese and American teams discover they have little life support left and must work together to get home. Maggie (Kudrow) escaped from prison with her lover as a side plot. Overall, this cliff-hanger was a doozy!

The Cast

Steve CarellGeneral Mark R. Naird
John MalkovichDr. Adrian Mallory
Ben SchwartzF. Tony Scarapiducci
Diana SilversErin Naird
Tawny NewsomeCaptain Angela Ali
Jimmy O. YangDr. Chan Kaifang
Don LakeBrad Gregory
Lisa KudrowMaggie Naird
Tim MeadowsSecretary of Defense
Noah EmmerichGeneral Kick Grabaston
This is a table of the cast and their respected characters.

Season Two Thoughts

As stated previously, I felt season one of Space Force was hilarious. However, the plot points were broader in nature. This makes sense for the first season, but it could leave viewers disconnecting from the characters. Season two remedied that by giving more time for viewers to connect with the characters. We learn that Scarapiducci is more than a phone-obsessed PR guy and see crew members struggle with PTSD. There is also a beautiful friendship between Dr. Mallory and General Naird that blossoms. Season two is all about character development, which I fully support. Now, that does not mean that the humor has gone away. Office hijinks are rampant, and it feels like Space Force has found its groove. If you want to go to space, head on over to Netflix and catch both seasons for yourself.