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We open to dinner in the Griffin household. Brian wants lobster but gets Dinty Moore canned stew. Bleh. That stuff is nasty. I haven’t found a way to make that taste good besides literally being starved. During dinner, Peter gets a hammock from the Corona commercials delivered. It is his third-biggest dream, to own a hammock used on TV. His second is to be an NFL referee. His biggest? To meet Jabberjaw.

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Living out his dream, Peter lies in his hammock and talks to Chris when the neighbor’s sprinkler cuts it short. At the Clam, Peter is down in the dumps until he sees a lawyer commercial. He gets the idea to sue the neighbor. Of course, the lawyer, Brick Baker, takes the case. In a plot twist, the lawyer is the neighbor. Stewie and Brian go to get Brian a lobster roll only to find the line miles long. Stewie suggests they go straight to the source. Before Brian can say yes, Stewie has everything set up. Peter and Stewie are pretty resourceful.

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Peter is not off to a good start in the courtroom. The judge bullied him into proceeding after Brick betrayed him. Now he is outside on a swing for five minutes. Back in the courtroom, Peter is losing. Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire burst back in the courtroom with evidence to help Peter and save the day. Brian and Stewie are having no luck trying to catch lobsters. As they try to figure out where to try next, they make some terrible puns with celebrity water names like trying to fish in “Michael Bay, but it was mean to Megan Fox” kind of bad.

Back at the Clam, they guys are strangely not celebrating. Brick goes up to them, congratulates them, and comments on having such good friends. He even gives them tickets to see the Surfin Bird musical. When they get there, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland are in the front row, and Peter is as far back as you can get. Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe got to have a blast while Peter watched through the phone. It dawns on Peter that Brick is taking his friends away. When they show up while Peter sits at the Clam, he gets upset and storms off.

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Does Peter get his friends back? He’s going nuts without them. Did Brian finally get his lobster? Let me know your thoughts below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!