Welcome back “Bob’s Burgers” fans, as of September 29 in the year 2019, season 10 has officially commenced. While it feels like a slow burn at this moment, we felt it was a wonderful setup to develop the season splendidly. We saw old characters and new ones alike along with their development. With the season finally out, let us discuss what we witnessed.

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Thankfully the season kicked off with a harmonious sync between the two stories shared in the episode. The main story focused on Bob and the children finding and losing an engagement ring intended for Linda as a romantic anniversary gesture. The kids, unaware of the rings significance, each tried it on until it stuck to Gene. Eventually it was lost at a water park as Linda and the children had made previous plans to attend that very day. The day continues with each of the Belcher children having fun (and Linda getting her usual sun burn) until it ends with the kids realizing the ring is missing. These previous events lead up to Bob, Tina, Gene and Louise seeking the help of Nat and her friends is searching the water park for it.

While the later is happening, Linda is occupied with Gayle and her shenanigans. The reason this side story felt so well suited to the prime story was because this felt probable given Gayle’s history so nothing felt forced. However, Linda eventually learn the truth after no longer being able to put up with her sister (ironic since she usually the voice advocating for patience and love between her family and Gayle).

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Classic Belcher family is the phrase that comes to mind when asked to describe this episode. There wasn’t much of a wow factor but that is ok because the essence of the whole managed to satisfy especially the end (which could hint to foreshadowing or not but the fun in asking is found in the possibilities).  This was definitely a better way to start of the season then the last season as this one offers a decent level of involvement from the whole family. If you haven’t read our SDCC “Bob’s Burgers” panel article be sure to check it out for more information on the season to come.

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Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

Consequently, the well implemented elements used to craft this installment of the series made it an enjoyable watch. While it may not be named as one of the best episode in the shows run, it certainly was a pleasant way to kick off the fall season for “Bob’s Burgers”.

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