Daredevil 304 1

The all-seeing Wilson Fisk. Photo is a direct screenshot from episode 304.

**Please note that this review contains spoilers for “Blindsided” and any episodes that occur prior**

“Fisk shanked Fisk.”

Holy hell. That was one of the most impressive long take sequences I have ever seen. I’ve been keeping my eye out for the traditional seasonal fight sequence, and the moment this one began I knew it was time. It was so exceedingly well done that it’s incredible the show was able to pull it off. Not only did we get some fantastic fight choreography, but mixed into all of the action were some very important and fantastic character moments. The dread of Fisk’s phone call was immense (reminding me of episode 1×06), as he declared he couldn’t let bygones be bygones. As Matt made his way through the deadly prison maze, he ran into the Albanians—who revealed that Kingpin has been pulling the strings this whole time. The fact that not only did we get over ten minutes of jaw-dropping fight sequences, but also extremely important character and plot moments, is an incredible testament to every aspect of the creative talent behind this show.

As we all probably could have guessed at this point, everything we’ve seen has all been orchestrated by Fisk—except maybe his near-death experience with the Albanians. His penthouse imprisonment is right where he wants to be. The reveal of his plan has somehow made Fisk even scarier. No matter what you do, he’s always one step ahead—in every direction. Vincent D’Onofrio does an exceedingly fantastic job portraying Fisk in his calm demeanor while remaining mysterious and frightening. It’s truly terrifying to think that I have no idea what Kingpin’s next move is. Well, there is one I might know: Dex.

Daredevil 304 3

Matt formally meeting the Albanians. Photo is a direct screenshot from the episode 304.

Matt wasn’t the only one with whom Kingpin was playing games with. Dex was being full-on puppeteered the entire episode as Fisk made his move to push Dex into his corner. To Dex’s surprise, Fisk–without hesitation–covered for the man that saved his life, in the process saving Dex’s career. Clearly, The Kingpin has his eye on a prize that he is keen to win over—and what Fisk wants, he usually gets. This clearly doesn’t mean good things for Dex, as I suspect that very soon we will start to see a downward spiral for his character as Fisk’s grasp gets tighter and tighter.

Karen, who was the first to believe that Matt was still alive, became the last to find out. She took the news rather harshly, and unsurprisingly took Foggy’s news pretty badly. She wasn’t going to let Matt be Matt, so she channeled all of her frustration into diving deeper into Fisk and his shady shell companies. As for Foggy, he actually had quite the substantial plotline this episode. He, like Karen, can’t stand to do nothing against Fisk. So he takes some advice and stands up—by running for District Attorney against Blake Tower. I really like this move for the story, and it really gives Foggy some meaningful plot. It’s good for both Karen and Foggy to be doing important things individually, outside of Matt’s involvement or pressure.

Daredevil 304 4

Matt’s not having a great day. Photo is a direct screenshot from episode 304.

“Blindsided” was easily one of Daredevil’s best, and delivered one of the show’s most incredible and fantastically crafted scenes to date. While Matt falls further into darkness (posing as Foggy being further proof of his descent), his friends choose to fight the good fight in spite of him. As for Bullseye’s journey, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that persona come out of Dex sooner rather than later. When it comes to Matt—well he seems to be in a rather sinking situation.

Bonus Notes:

  • Now every long take has places where the editors can cut between different takes. This is for safety purposes, in case none of the takes fully work out. Now I believe that there is a very good chance that not a single one was used (Season 2’s sequence had one or two fairly obvious switches). However, I do think I saw one transition used just before they reached the lobby and then transferred outside. This was likely needed to transition the scene from a soundstage to the actual location.
  • Felix Manning is an important name. Could mean some pretty fun stuff is coming up. I’ll leave it to you to google.


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