Source: Longvinter | Official Steam Page

Longvinter is a game by Uuvana Studios which describes itself as “open-world multiplayer sandbox game without rules.” Fish, craft, farm, and gather for a chance to survive – or alternatively, steal and loot other players for their resources.

The player takes the role of an explorer who has been tasked to research Longvinter Island and see what makes it special. Gather resources, craft tools, and explore the island. However, know that there are other researches. It’s up to the player if these are friends or foes.

The chilled, cutesy art style is reminiscent of the popular and famous Animal Crossing franchise, following the footsteps of camping, building, and crafting. The difference here, however, is the raids, guns, and ability to demolish what other players have created. There also aren’t any cutesy villagers, as any other character you interact with is actually another player on the same server.

Source: Longvinter | Official Steam Page

Other Features Include:

  • PVP – Create friends or foes, with the ability to steal and loot from other players.
  • Building – Build wherever you want, with whoever you want – and also build whatever you want!
  • A hand-crafted open world – Explore and learn about the world around you, positioning yourself to maximize profits.
  • Crafting and farming – Use the tools you craft to farm for food, or to further your research.
  • Trading – Swap items with allies or sell them on for better tools, or profits.

Longvinter is currently in Early Access and is available from Steam on PC. The game has a dedicated Discord server, and the studio’s official Twitter can be found here. Check out the trailer below:

Will you be playing Longvinter? Or do these kinds of games lose the appeal without villages? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.