What is World of Warcraft Classic?

World of Warcraft Classic is an MMORPG video game released in 2019 in response to long-standing requests for classic servers from the World of Warcraft community. Nostalgia isn’t uncommon in gamers as can be seen by the reintroduction of original game features in the 2019 Destiny 2 expansion. However, World of Warcraft Classic doesn’t just have a few original features. It completely recreates the original game as it was before the release of its first expansion in 2006.

Azeroth has been returned to its original state and expansion areas are not available. Players are able to choose from the 8 original races and the 9 original classes. No races or classes from expansions are present. Only Alliance players can become paladins and only Horde players can become shamans as in the original game.

Another aspect of the game that hasn’t changed is the leveling process. The maximum level is 60 and it can be a long and difficult task to get there. It is estimated that it will require around 160 hours for the average player to reach the maximum level. That’s long enough that it will make you think about cutting some corners like by getting a WoW Classic power leveling service to shoulder some of the burdens. 

For many players it’s not about the journey, it’s the destination, and they want to level up as quickly as possible. With that in mind, we are providing information on how to power level in World of Warcraft Classic.

Leveling Up Fast in World of Warcraft Classic

Here are some of the best tips and techniques for leveling up quickly in World of Warcraft Classic:

  • Use an add-on: Right from the start, you can shave a good bit of time off by using a leveling add-on. In Classic if you want to know where to go to pick up the different items for quests or where the monsters you have to kill are, you will have to read the quest text and decipher it using your map. The alternative is to use an add-on that provides you with all the necessary information. Add-ons keep track of what needs to be done and where you need to go next.
  • Choose a PvP Server: You will end up having a lot less time wasting confrontations with other players if you go with a PvP server. Your goal is to level fast and this will give you more time to focus on completing quests instead of fighting enemy players.
  • Select the right class: Everybody has a preference but Mage, Warlock or Hunter is likely your best bet. Mages have slows, stuns, snares, and good AoE damage while Warlocks and Hunters have pets and crowd control.
  • Go Solo: Although having a partner can be fun and two can deal out death faster, if your goal is to level up as fast as you can then you are better off playing solo. When you play with somebody else the experience for every kill is divided. You don’t want to end up having to wait for random monsters to get experience to complete a zone. Group only when doing dungeons 
  • Skip professions for now: Professions eat up a lot of time. You can wait and work on them after reaching the maximum level. The one exception to this is First Aid as it is useful in healing yourself. You can find first aid trainers in every major city and it doesn’t count towards your two profession limit.
  • Complete quests at the appropriate level: Quests will probably make up the majority of your leveling time in World of Warcraft Classic if you are like most players. Quests in Classic are dependent on the zones and tailored toward players in a certain level range so you can’t just complete any quest you want. You need to focus on those at the appropriate level. Once you achieve a level that allows you to tackle quests in another zone you are better off heading there even if there are still uncompleted quests in your current zone. Monster kills lower than your character level doesn’t reward as many experience points. You will need to keep track of your current in-game standing to know which quests are best suited for your current level.
  • Do Dungeons: If you put a group together or can find one to join, dungeons are a good way to level up. At about level 13 Horde players will get access to the Ragefire Chasm in Orgrimmar. Alliance players won’t get dungeon access until level 17 when The Deadmines in Westfall become available. Both factions will have access to the Wailing Caverns in the Northern Barrens around level 17. You may want to repeat the dungeon if your group does well and the other players are willing.
  • Kill Everything: You will be doing a lot of traveling in Classic. While you are running from quest to quest, if you see a mob, kill it. It might not always yield a lot of experience but it adds up over time.
  • Log out in inns or cities: Rest XP is the only bonus XP in World of Warcraft Classic. You get rest XP from being in a capital city or an inn so make sure your character is always in one or the other when you log out.
  • Manage Inventory: Get bigger bags if you can afford them so you have to make fewer trips to sell your loot. To speed things up you can create a level one alt and leave them in a capital city. Every time you are in a town with an inn you can mail everything you don’t need.
  • Buy a Mount: You will be able to purchase a mount at level 40. They are expensive so conserve your gold. At level 40 having a mount will increase your speed by 60%.

There are a lot of different things you can do in World of Warcraft Classic to level up faster, but you should still expect to put in plenty of hours before reaching level 60.