Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in a cocoon of depression and anxiety? Tris has, and in Cynical 7 he combats these feelings with partying, classic battles, and sarcasm.

In this pixelated RPG one plays the role of Tris, a socially anxious man, who battles his enemies while looking for love.  He travels the city visiting with an endless supply of NPCs with colorful dialogues. One detail that makes Cynical 7 unique is the fact that no NPC is used twice so there are endless possibilities for social interaction. This makes for more chances at flirting, creating and ruining friendships, as well as simply ignoring their existence.

Tris finds himself having inner turmoil that he must face, thus he is a relatable character that no video game has captured. His brain will pop up with dialogue creating self-doubt, which resonates with players. His quest for love stems from loss and teaches one that life does go on.

Cynical 7 was designed to achieve a 90’s feel which is evident by the epic boss battles. The first fight sequence is with a nasty ninja that steals a damsel’s purse. Using the arrow keys Tris moves in a “Dance Dance Revolution” style while simultaneously whacking at his opponent. He ends victoriously and subdues his enemy with a “sumo sized butt slam”. This combined with a poppy musical tune captures the player for hours.

While Cynical 7 looks cartoonish it’s certainly not intended for children to play. The player will find themselves in flirtatious situations, consuming alcoholic beverages, and encountering the occasional obscenity.

Cynical 7 is a unique RPG that causes one to look inside themselves. It teaches individuals the value of friendship and how to face their demons. While Tris may, or may not, have a receding hairline he does have heart. Tris is a powerful character one won’t find in any other game. I loved how real his character is and I look forward to logging in more hours battling jerks and ordering pizzas.

pizza fight

Source: Cynical 7

Cynical 7 can be found on Kickstarter or here.

The featured image and media are screenshots from Cynical 7.