It has been a while since I played a major farming title, the last being Harvest Moon: One World. I am typically more interested in playing an indie title. These tend to be more charming and have fresh communities backing them. However, I recently picked up a copy of Rune Factory 4, which I have not played since I was a wee virtual farmer. This brings me to the meat and potatoes of this article, the impending release of Rune Factory 5.

rune factory
Source: IGDB Rune Factory 5 Presskit

The Story

The Rune Factory series is full of fantasy RPG titles, and the fifth installment is no different. The protagonist loses their memory and finds themselves in a small town. Here, they are recruited by a group of rangers that aid in keeping the township safe. In addition, when not battling monsters, the hero lives a simpler life of sorts. Players can spend their downtime growing crops on the back of a dragon, fishing, mining, and more. Overall, Rune Factory 5 will have all the farming sim elements one desires from this genre with a fun fantasy twist.

Game Elements

It is safe to say this game is full of adventure. Players will find themselves exploring several different areas, including forests, ancient ruins, and inside a volcano. While adventuring, one will investigate rune-related mysteries, battle monsters, and help the townsfolk with their hardships. Exploration and battle are a large part of this title; however, farming and daily life activities are also plentiful!

There is a wide variety of crops to plant and monsters to tame. These little buddies will even help on the farm. After the work has been done for the day, head on down to one of several in-town events. These include cooking, crafting, and fishing competitions. There are even a few romantic events and twelve romanceable NPCs. Players can find love through completing a marriage candidate’s storyline and eventually asking for their hand in marriage. In the end, Rune Factory 5 has the typical elements of a farming sim that one would expect with a fantastical twist.

Odds and Ends

In conclusion, I am excited to see what Rune Factory 5 has in store for its players. I want to know more about farming on the back of a dragon. That is something I can confidently say I have not seen in any other farming sim! If you want to know how this title is for yourself, it will be available on Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2022. Overall, this game should be an excellent addition to any virtual farmer’s collection.