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Lancelot is a knight of the round table and Arthur’s most trusted friend. He was the first knight, in fact. He was fierce on the battlefield but kind and gentlemanly outside of battle. His rearing by the Lady of the Lake undoubtedly had a whole lot to do with his prowess. He wasn’t the “typical jock”. Lancelot was very intelligent and funny.

Lancelot’s father is King Ban, and his mother is Elaine of Benoic (also Benwick), making Lancelot a prince. When his father dies, and his mother tends to him, the Lady of the Lake kidnaps him as an infant and raises him. Elaine does get to see Lancelot briefly before she dies. His brother is Hector de Maris. While Lancelot’s most famous love is Guinevere, Lancelot is also tied to Elaine of Corbenic. Some say rape others say she is his wife. Either way, together, they created Galahad.

While Lancelot married Elaine (not his mother Elaine), and they had Galahad, Lancelot didn’t love her. The unfortunate part is Elaine truly loved him and wanted a life with him. She ended up dying of a broken heart. However, their son did become a knight of the round table just like his father.

The woman who Lancelot loved was his best friend’s wife, Queen Guinevere. He was even made her champion, a role he took seriously and allowed them time to have an affair. This caused a series of events that led to the disbandment of the round table. Mordred was able to manipulate Arthur, causing his disappearance and death. Lancelot killed Sir Gareth, which was the last straw, even though it was a mistake. Thus an entire kingdom died. Guinevere became a nun, and Lancelot became a hermit. All that, and he didn’t even get the girl

I want to say, Lancelot is a hero, not a god. He is mortal with no powers. Given this information, is he really a hero? Should he be included in Smite? I mean, he is obviously a fierce fighter, but he is disloyal and a betrayer. Do you want someone like that at your back? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!