Source: Epic Games Store | Sifu

Sifu is an action “beat ’em up” video game, however with a twist – every time the protagonist dies, they grow older.

The game follows the child of a murdered sifu, who was met with a similar fate – until a magical talisman revived him. Given a second chance in life, the protagonist trains themselves to avenge their sifu. Will revenge cloud their judgement as they deal the final blow, or will they follow what they have been taught?

The game follows a third person “beat ’em up” format, including unique attacks and techniques that the player can use in battle. What makes this game different than others is the mechanic when the player dies. Rather than that being an immediate game over, the player instead ages. This means their strikes become more powerful and effective, however at the cost of having reduced health. If the player continues to be defeated until the point when they are so old, there is no health left, then the game ends.

Other Features Include:

  • An interactive environment of throwing objects and makeshift weapons to overcome your opponent.
  • Unlock new skills as the training continues.
  • Different endings that can be unlocked depending on decisions.

Sifu is available on Playstation and PC, being released just this month. The official website can be found here. If interested, check out the trailer below: