While more and more people play video games, there’s an increasing amount of casino games that take on well-known video game themes. So, if you are new to casino games and want to try them while sticking to familiar territory, then one of these video-game options could be the ideal solution.

Video games have become significantly more popular in recent years. According to ESA’s yearly report from 2021, Americans do not shy away from having fun, and nearly 227 million play video games regularly. This trend has also made its way to the gambling industry where an increasing amount of online slot machines feature themes from well-known video games. 

1. Resident Evil 

Resident Evil has been around since 1996 and features everything from horror to mysterious riddles. The game series, which has turned into a bit of a franchise, consists of several stories, usually with viral outbreaks and zombies that must be defeated. It, therefore, makes for a fun slot game. If you fancy trying it, you can check out this extensive casino guide.

2. Space Invaders

Aliens and a good-old struggle for survival. Space Invaders is an old-fashioned arcade game developed in Japan with a lot of shooting that has inspired a lot of the modern games we know today. Some say it’s the most popular of all times, so perhaps it’s no surprise that online casinos are now offering a slot-based version of the game. This is bound to satisfy the fans.

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

3. FIFA (of sorts)

With soccer becoming more popular in the US, we are likely to see a lot more interest in games that focus on the sport – also in casinos. You might already know all about FIFA, a super popular game all over the world, but did you know that there are numerous European football slot games in online casinos? Like Super Striker and Shaolin Soccer.

4. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a veteran on the video gaming scene. The action-packed battle game is played across generations and now you can even enjoy Call of Duty-themed slot machines too, both online and in land-based casinos. It’s fun when gaming enters new territories. A great way to get your first taste of casino games as many offer free spins for first timers. These can also be referred to as welcome bonuses and perks. 

5. Tomb Raider

The story about the action hero Lara Croft has led to quite a few movies and video games – and now there is an online casino slot game too. Making use of all the important characters, weapons, and other must-have assets, it’s a fun and different way of experiencing Tomb Raider in action. As with most online casino games, you are likely to find somewhere offering free spins. 

6. Zuma

Zuma is an interesting puzzle game taking place in ancient temples. It’s a world full of tricks and riddles involving action elements as well as geeky challenges in its 20 different temples. If you choose the casino slot-version of Zuma, you can therefore look forward to lots of well-known symbols of the game.

Which Types of Games Fit the Slot Machine Framework Best?

Slot machine games typically need to be relatively fast-paced and have high replayability value, but in truth, you can adapt any type of game to the slot machine framework without much issue. Most slot machine games function in relatively the same fashion by making fun and exciting games based on chance and luck. To spice them up, they acquire the license to use assets and graphics from popular films and games. 

However, they also often try to tailor the game they are working to the source material they are drawing from, creating a unique genre in the process. FPS, Shoot ‘em Up, Strategy games, you name it, there’s a slot machine for it. 


As the industry of video games keeps evolving faster and faster and expands into more interesting and diverse arenas, it is no wonder that slot machines have learned and adapted alongside this development. 

Now, many of our favourite video game franchises have a cousin in the slot machine industry, giving it an extra edge in an environment that encourages and demands enjoyment. From Resident Evil to Zuma, there are great games to explore on that frontier.