Cottage core has become a popular aesthetic these past few months. As anyone reading this is well aware, we love farming sims on this side of TGON. This article is no different because I am proud to share an upcoming indie title, A Garden Witch’s Life.

A Garden Witch's Life
Source: A Garden Witch’s Life PressKit

The Story

A Garden Witch’s Life begins with the player losing their job. Although, this unfortunate set of events does seem to harbor a happy ending. As luck would have it, there is an abandoned witch’s hut, which can serve as our new home. It is here that the player will begin rebuilding their lives, one day at a time. They can start a garden to grow necessary ingredients for potions, spells, and tasty meals. This title is all about cultivating crops, friendships, and positive well-being. It honestly comes across as one of the most wholesome games I have ever seen.  


When I first saw A Garden Witch’s Life on Steam, I immediately fell in love with the graphics. Everything from the architecture to the adorable NPCs is brimming with life and possibility. The plants are fresh, and I genuinely want to snuggle every creature I come across. This even includes the bees! I also appreciate the addition of magic to this genre. The idea that I can grow herbs to make sweet potions brings me more joy than I can even express. Aside from the farming elements, the press kit also explained that the island is full of mysteries that wish to be solved. There are hidden passageways to uncover and ancient texts to discover. While farming may be the game’s main focus, there are so many other elements that a player can explore without falling into analysis paralysis. Overall, A Garden Witch’s Life quickly made its way onto my Steam Wishlist.

Odds and Ends

While this title has no hard and fast release date, Wishlisting it on Steam is always a good idea. To learn more about A Garden Witch’s Life, be sure to check out FreetimeStudio’s social media pages. They have Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. In the end, I am looking forward to seeing what this game has to offer.