I absolutely love the show Lucifer and have been covering it for TGON since season four. Did you know Lucifer’s character in this is picked from the Sandman comics written by Neil Gaiman? Mr. Gaiman also wrote for the show. I must admit though the first time I started watching the show I didn’t like it and stopped. I picked it up again later and saw it in a whole different way.

For those of you who haven’t watched it, the show’s premise is Lucifer got tired of ruling Hell, so he went to L.A. There he meets Det. Chloe Decker and teams up with her to solve crimes, starting with the murder of one of his friends. In helping Chloe solve crimes, he sees a therapist to deal with his problems and falls in love with Det. Decker. Chloe falls for Lucifer and they must figure out how to bridge their differences and fight their insecurities.

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The show had so many guest stars. It would be a long, long list. These are the ones that stood out to me in no particular order (I will name some of the others before the end of the article):

Dennis Haysbert guest-starred as God. I was tickled that the All-State guy was playing God. I know he is more than the All-State guy but it was what went through my mind first. He did a fantastic job as God.

Inbar Lavi played Eve. Part of a prophecy regarding Lucifer says it would be a bad thing if he got together with his first love. Everyone assumed it was Eve. Eve was a wonderful character. I liked her much better than the mental picture I had of Eve. When the relationship with Lucifer fell apart, I like who she ended up with. Spoiler, it isn’t Adam.

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Graham McTavish mailed it as Father Kinley/Dromos. I did not like either character but McTavish played him to perfection. He was believable about wanting to save Chloe and the world. However, he hid the underhandedness he was using so well.

Tom Welling is an actor I have liked before he played Marcus Pierce/Cain on Lucifer. I was so surprised when Pierce ended up being Cain but it made sense.

Rebecca De Mornay played Penelope Decker. Penelope was an actress when she was younger. Chloe followed in her footsteps until she changed shoes and followed in her dad’s footsteps. Penelope loves her daughter and granddaughter very much but seems a little air-headed. De Mornay is an actress I liked also before her work on Lucifer.

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Tricia Heifer Guest starred as Charlotte Richards/the Goddess. The Goddess is God’s wife. She was not happy with God and ended up falling for Dan as did Charlotte. Unfortunately, there was not to be any happily ever after for them. Did Dan piss off God?

Alexander Koch played Pete Daily. I liked his character and was so happy for Ella. She found a nice guy. I was shocked when he ended up being a serial killer. Poor Ella.

Brianna Hildebrand was Aurora “Rory” Morningstar. She is probably my favorite guest star. While I didn’t know her as an actress, she played Rory very well. Turns out she was in both Deadpool movies. I loved how angry Rory was and how she evolved over the season. Hildebrand embodied that beautifully.

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Some of the other guest stars are John Pankow, Eddie Shin, Teach Grant, Charisma Carpenter, Kevin Carroll, Genevieve Gauss, Vinessa Vidotto, Scarlett Estevez, and Joel Rush.

I hope you enjoyed this stroll down Lucifer Lane. Which guest or recurring guest was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!