From the minds of Robert & Michelle King (The Good Wife), BrainDead is basically your typical political satire show, if political satires were full of space bugs that ate people’s brains.

Yup. Space bugs.

This added supernatural element makes the show so new and so fresh and just crazy enough to keep you coming back week after week to see the story unfold. Who will be infected next? Will the CDC ever find out? Why do some heads explode? What are the side effects? What the fuck? What’s the bugs end game? Etc.

Without further ado, a short listicle to convince you to give this show a shot:

  • BrainDead is one of those rare shows that doesn’t treat us, the audience, like idiots. They trust that we can keep up with the plot and the fast paced and witty dialogue.
  • The supernatural element is tied in so perfectly with the world of the show that you sometimes forget space bugs aren’t real.
  • It ties in with the current political climate and the election, basically explaining politicians recent crazy behavior and blaming the bugs for humanities decline – which is a much better alternative to whatever is going on IRL.
  • THE CAST! I can’t say enough about how perfect everyone is in the role. Aaron Tveit & Mary Elizabeth Winstead shine as the leads to an ensemble of the most beautiful and talented actors, including Nikki James, Johnny Ray Gill, Danny Pino AND TONY SHALHOUB!
  • Honestly guys I can’t say enough about how Johnny’s Gustav steals the show and your heart within his first 5 minutes on screen
  • And Nikki, what can I say about Broadway’s Nikki James that hasn’t been said except I love her to pieces and she’s amazing
  • Just like on The Good Wife, the score is iconic, almost as if each song were composed for that scene and that scene alone.
  • We could also talk about the fashion and the attractiveness of the cast and the beautiful shots and cinematography.
  • Everything on this show works in its favor, each element a shining example on its own, simply unstoppable when all working together.
  • It all comes down to the writing though, and it is impeccable. I firmly believe that you could strip everything superfluous from the show, put just the actors in the same room with a script and it would still blow you away.

In conclusion, please watch BrainDead before the space bugs eat half of your brain and turn you into a rational, green juice drinking, exercising zombie person.

You can preserve this gem of a show & secure its second season by bingeing the first 10 episodes now (CBS All Access), tweeting about it with the cast & official show Twitter handles, and watching the final 3 episodes live, Sundays at 10 on CBS!