Chery’s Background

Cheryl Blossom, born and raised in Riverdale, is a twenty-six-year-old mean girl who kills with kindness. Daughter of Penelope and the late Clifford Blossom. She’s a dainty, delicate woman and a sight for sore eyes or so she seems at first sight.  

Season one:

In the first season of Riverdale one would describe her as a force to be reckoned with like a stealthy jaguar. Moves smooth as a snake and beauty beyond words. Once it has it’s claws in you it’s clear as day it’s game over for you. Cheryl Blossom is like a jaguar in the sense that once she gets you she will not let go no matter what. 

In the first Season she was highly defensive, rude, and insensitive even to her so-called friends and River Vixens. The only person she was nice to was her twin brother Jason Blossom, a man beloved by all and known by everyone in Riverdale. After all it was impossible to miss anyone with the surname Blossom, after all they were the main syrup distributors in Riverdale. 

Unbeknownst to the town that Clifford Blossom was using the Blossom company as a front to hide his drug smuggling into Riverdale. The Blossom Family is filled with secrets and no matter how many come to light more take its place. The entire Blossom family name drives fear into those who hear it and come near them. The only thing that changed the family drastically was the death of Jason Blossom and the secrets that unfolded due to his death in season one. 

Among all this drama and chaos, all the attention at Riverdale High was on poor Cheryl Blossom, who used the publicity for her own good. She would use that excuse to dress as she pleased and treat everyone rudely by snapping at anyone for the tiniest things. The death of Jason Blossom shook the town as everyone was on edge, especially the Blossom family who didn’t feel safe in their own home. 

As season one came to an end Cheryl was the same when the season began, still edgy and always after everyone especially Betty and Veronica for stealing the Vixens from her. 

Vixen’s and Cheryl Blossom: 


The River Vixen’s are a cheerleading squad that Cheryl leads as the cheerleader captain. The Vixen’s follow every order Cheryl gives them as she has the power to make their lives a living hell. The Vixen’s try to always be there for Cheryl until Veronica decides to fight Cheryl for the cheerleader captain position through a dance-off. Veronica being the clearly better dancer, she became co-captain with Cheryl, something Cheryl didn’t like as she called out the Vixen’s for betraying her. 

Throughout the show the River Vixen’s seem to have Cheryl’s back with a little nudge from Veronica. 

Season Two:

Only in season two do we meet Cheryl’s possible lover Toni Topaz. It was clear Cheryl was into girls after the Josie incident and depicted by her not having any male interests or lovers in season one to season two. Toni and Cheryl didn’t start off on a good note as she hated the Serpents which Toni was a part of. But as the season progresses she joins the Southside Serpents and might I add she looked better as she showed her true colours. 

Cheryl Blossom has had a huge character development from season one to season two, she went from being a rude rich girl to a girl who cared deeply for her friends and would do anything to protect them. She became humble and treated people with less venom as she grew as a person alongside Toni Topaz. 

Their relationship stayed strong no matter what and they stood together through every storm. Even if they broke up they would find themselves back together as they loved each other dearly. We see that their relationship deepens beyond measures and becomes an envied relationship that all aspire to have. They have all their friends support as well as most of the schools support as they fight for the lgbtq+ community in their school. 

Cheryl Blossom:

Cheryl Blossom is my favourite character on Riverdale because of her massive heart that just keeps on growing. I admire how she protects her friends and loved ones at all costs as shown when she helped the Southside Serpents save Jughead. As I continue with season three I watch as Cheryl keeps on surprising me in the best ways. She is growing to be a wonderful woman who anyone can aspire to be. 

To see how far Cheryl has come is truly an inspiration for all and a great lesson for those who think money is the key to happiness. 

With many more seasons to watch I’m sure Cheryl will continue to improve to be the best version of herself. I just hope she and Toni become endgame because they are the best couple in Riverdale so far. #Choni