Some people have accused Netflix of having a bias with what it shows – in that it focuses on its own content and shows and movies from the past decade or so. Fans of older material are often left short-changed with the lack of nostalgic classics to dive into. But fans of comedy can rejoice as The Naked Gun has been re-added to Netflix in the USA. The show represents a different kind of comedy and is a quintessential 80s movie for those who want to explore Hollywood’s history. Starring comedic great Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebbin, what is the film about and why does it matter that it’s back streaming?  

The Naked Gun Helped Define Slapstick Comedy

The Naked Gun’s appearance on Netflix – – is hardly a surprise given how popular it has remained since 1988 – and how it helped usher in a new era of slapstick comedy. The comedy style of the series can be summed up by the exchange that occurs when Frank is offered a cigar. “Cuban?” ‘No, Dutch-Irish.’ The comedy comes from misunderstandings, double-entendres, and cringe-worthy interactions.

TV shows such as the Steve Carrell-created Angie Tribeca, starring Rashida Jones, was based on the same comedic formula as the original Police Squad TV show (forerunner to The Naked Gun film series). The series, like the film that inspires it, features a nonstop barrage of jokes and one-liners. The iconic opening of the series – which features a car being driven across a variety of sets – has been replicated time and again, including in the first Family Guy episode back after cancellation.

The Naked Gun Alive in Slot Form

The popularity of The Naked Gun isn’t just relegated to those it has influenced in later film and TV series. The online casino often picks themes that match the audience that might be interested in the industry, so it’s no surprise that The Naked Gun has its very own slot game. As we can see from the slot game at, The Naked Gun’s characters and themes are merged with slot gameplay.  

By turning the film’s essence into a slot game, the game developers are taking out the elements that make the series so timeless and popular and infusing them with a traditional slot game. The iconography uses characters from the series and as you play the game, you almost feel as though you are a member of the police squad helping to solve the zany crimes Frank Drebbin might be involved in solving.  

Fans of The Naked Gun will be able to relive the classic – and perhaps even the two sequels, as well as the six episodes of Police Squad which made it to TV. Creator David Zucker, hinted in 2017 that he was working on a modern version of The Naked Gun that would be focused around Frank Drebbin’s son, according to The Naked Gun thrived in the comedy of the 80s and early 90s, so it would be interesting to see how a Drebbin of 2020 and beyond would be. Until the film – penned also by Pat Proft – is in development, we can continue to revisit the existing media related to the franchise.