Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Returns to Netflix for Season 3!

Image courtesy of Netflix

They’re alive, dammit! The Netflix hit Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, starring Ellie Kemper, is back this week on Netflix, when Season 3 drops on Friday, May 19th. The show with the wacky premise won our hearts with it’s crazy plot, amazing cast (including guest stars Tina Fey and John Hamm!) and catchy theme song.

Created by Fey and Robert Carlock, Kimmy revolves around the titular heroine breaking free of a doomsday cult and moving to New York city to start a new life with a new roommate (Tituss Burgess) and new friends (Carol Kane and Jane Krakowski). In Season 2, we saw Kimmy confront her PTSD and her mom issues, while roommate Titus found love with his boyfriend Mikey. This season Kimmy will deal with a bombshell revelation from last year (she’s married to The Reverend?!) and will continue to move on from her years of captivity by enrolling in college.

One of the show’s biggest strengths is its brilliant casting, and this season is no different. Special guest stars will include Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Blackish) and Laura Dern (Jurassic Park, The Fault in our Stars). Also, TGON contributor Steve Dunk had the privilege to interview the wonderful Dylan Gelula last week, and she gave us the scoop that she’ll be back this season as the delightful Xanthippe.

Our Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt contributor Sara will be binge watching the episodes as soon as they drop so that she can bring you a season re-cap, so be sure to return to The Game of Nerds to get your Kimmy Schmidt scoop!


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